You Are the Flower of Life, the Rose Line, and the Reflection of Mary Magdalene

You Are the Flower of Life, the Rose Line, and the Reflection of Mary Magdalene

Today while swimming over a giant rose-shaped mound of coral the size of a tiny house, I heard a voice say, “You are Mary Magdalene, Flower of Life from the sea.” Then I felt a kundalini activation rise through me, my cells and spie. I knew these words didn’t mean that I alone was Magdalene, Jesus’ bride or anything crazy like that – no, it meant that Mary Magdalene was a symbol created through Divine Consciousness to remind us of the Flower of Life that we all are.We are based on the a sacred structure that all life is based on: the Flower of Life (see illustration below on the left). It has the same crystalline frequency that is held in coral, in water crystals, in silica-based crystals, in all life, and in all of us.


When we are 8-cells small as fetuses, we are actually embodying a tiny merkaba or Flower of Life is the basis of all life. Cool, huh!?

Now as fully formed human gods and goddesses, we are comprised of many of these Flowers of Life, as we are made of mostly water molecules which themselves are structured on the Flower of Life. When we become aware of our ‘Flower Power,’ we can choose to consciously activate its sacred geometry through prayer, mantras, tantra, holy water, 432 hz tuning forks, crystals, etc., or even a giant rose-shaped coral in the middle of the Indonesian Ocean  This will help you harmonize your field, harness your Twin Flame Union, balance your energy, and clear out toxins from your body, mind, and spirit.


You are the Rose. You are the Flower of Life, the Divine Feminine essence in her fullest. As you start honoring yourself as the most sacred rose, the Divine Bride, and as you enter into the world as a High Priestess, you are embodying the most pure Magdalene Frequency. As you do so, you will begin to manifest a life of harmony, peace, Divine Love, and Twin Flame Love.  Stepping into Her, you step into yourself. Vibrating at the Magdalene Frequency is the same as vibrating at the Divine Feminine essence of your soul whilst attracting in (by the Law of Opposites Attract) your Divine Masculine Energies.

Awakening into the Divine Feminine energies is an important path of stepping into the Divine Bridal Chamber and to attracting your Twin Flame, your Yeshua.  I suggest turning on your Magdalene Frequency by using the following tips:

  1. Meditating using the Flower of Life – place it in all 7 chakras and even in your yoni or in the corners of the room to ground the room
  2. Call in the masculine version of the Flower of Life, the Merkaba (representing Yeshua) and penetrate the Merkaba structure into the Flower of Life
  3. Buy yourself vases of flowers
  4. Sprinkle red roses, white jasmine, and frangipani flower petals on your bed often
  5. Drink flower teas such as hibiscus, jasmine, chrysanthemum, and honey suckle often, to nourish your yin essence
  6. Spend time in nature, especially by bodies of water, meditating, praying, living in bliss
  7. Find and follow your passions, and turn them into your livelihood and lifestyle
  8. Dress in red, white and pink often
  9. Reclaim your Magdalene Energies in your hair; eliminate toxic chemicals from your hair, and anoint your hair in sacred essential oils and coconut oil often


Dr. Amanda Noelle is the founder of Aphrodite University. She helps women create 6 figure Bli$$nesses as High-Healed Priestesses who attract and live in alignment with their Twin Flame Union.