11 Magical Money Affirmations

11 Magical Money Affirmations

Ladies! It’s money magic time!  I’ve used money magic in the form of affirmations, decries, rituals, prayer, and using intentional objects such as gemstones and aromatherapy oils – and it worked!  Placebo?  Subconscious rebooting? Who cares? When something works and brings you comfort, why question it?

Here are the top ten money magic affirmations for BLI$$preneurs and High-Healed Priestesses to put to use.

  1. I AM wealthy. I AM wealth itself.money mantras
  2. Money loves me, and I love money. We live in Holy MatriMoney.
  3. I AM a ridiculously rich High-Healed Priestess.
  4. Prosperity flows through me and around me.
  5. I AM my blissful and abundant life.
  6. I allow myself to receive like a queen.
  7. I attract high-paying soulmate clients who love what I High Priestess Schoolhave to offer.
  8. I AM my 6-figure abundant BLI$$ness.
  9. My money magic heals myself and the world!
  10. I AM the Goddess of Abundance!
  11. My BLI$$ness is flourishing on all levels!

Say these with command, joy, purpose, and passion.  Roll around on dollar bills or even fake dollar bills spread upon in your bed as you say your magical affirmations. I did this last week; it was riveting!

You can also write these affirmations in a money journal repetitively as many times as you feel guided.  You can repeat the same one over and over, or mix and match.  Also, you can write the affirmations on your mirror in erasable marker, write it on a bill and place it in your wallet, post your affirmations on the fridge, place it somewhere in your car, or put them on Post-Its around the house.  Be creative! Have fun, and know that you are reprogramming your subconscious not by the frequency or the time spent doing the affirmations, but by the command of your power and passion!

Lots of love, money, and BLI$$!