About Dr. Amanda Noelle, The Twin Flame Matchmaker

“Your task is not to seek for love, 

but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.”

— Rumi

Dr Amanda Noelledr amanda noelle and jack is on a mission to help conscious single women to call in their Beloved at lightspeed so that they can become Twin Flame Power Couples that heal the planet.

If you are seeking a proven professional matchmaking who can help you clear out those stubborn self-love blocks, heal your relationship to the Divine Feminine, skyrocket your self-esteem, and quickly call in your Twin Flame, you’re in the right place.

I hold over a decade of experience working with clients who have struggled with similar concerns and have brought them to immense levels of love-success. My aim is to help women with big hearts to align with their true love by healing themselves first.

My mission is to see that this world be led by Twin Flame Power Couples (and not just ‘the man!’) who come fully from the heart. I feel in my soul that when the Divine Feminine heals and rises within partnerships and families, She will rise everywhere!

I recognized that my soul purpose was to become a Twin Flame Matchmaker while I was working as an esthetician about a decade ago. During a facial, something magical would happen. Someone told me that I possessed the ‘Aphrodite Touch,’ for it seemed that every woman I worked with who was single would end up falling in love with any marrying her Twin Flame faster than I could ever imagine. It was odd, thrilling, and fun to be part of the process. After attending several weddings and graduating from my PhD program in Transpersonal Counseling, I decided to give matchmaking work a full-time go, and I was instantly successful.

Clients speak highly about my matchmaking success. For instance, comments include:

true twin flames

“I had been single for quite some time. Amanda coached, supported, and cleared the space for me to step into this new Twin Flame connection without resistance or distraction. After our initial outreach and commitment to work together, I met my new husband! My relationship is based powerfully in both of us being present, connected, and committed to creating an amazing future together. We have created a passionate and playful partnership! It has been a real pleasure to step fully into my own feminine power and play. Amanda is a great coach for powerful women who are ready to step fully into themselves and be fully seen. Whether you work with her energetically, creating vision, or manifesting your Twin Flame, she will not let you down.”

-Tina M.


twin flame love stories

“The Twin Flame work with Amanda still lives in my bones and blood! Seriously, her coaching opened up my sexual bliss in holy unexpected ways. It was Amanda’s sincere open heart, her down-to-earth playfulness, her courage and confidence to create this blissful space, and her ability to be a sacred vessel and channel the wisdom of the Priestess. Just after returning from Amanda’s Twin Flame retreat, a man I had been dating previously and I reconnected. And now we’re engaged to be married! Thank you Amanda for your magical, mysterious presence.”

-Elizabeth K.



twin flame matchmaker

“During my coaching sessions with Amanda, I began to understand the old negative patterns that were leading me down the wrong roads to the wrong guys. When I was ready, we sat down and did a little prayer and ritual around some water and a candle, and I felt a powerful shift.  Only three hours later, I met David, the man of my dreams!  It all happened so fast after that. He and I fell instantly in love, moved in only a month later, got married, and have bought two beautiful homes together.  I am so grateful to Amanda for my improved self-confidence and new faith in my powers to bring miracles into my life.”

-Rhea S. 

I would love to provide you with similar results!

When you choose to invite me to call in your Beloved, I will do everything in my power to call in your perfect partner.

I love my work as a Twin Flame Matchmaker because it brings me the fullest dose of joy to see women just like myself who have been totally heartbroken go from wanting to give up to living their wildest dreams with their ultimate Beloved. It also blisses me out to see these lucky guys’ whose minds are blown away…They’re like “What the heck, I didn’t know women like this even existed!” Yes, it’s a really hot surprise.

What makes me stand out from a growing crowd of professional matchmakers and dating coaches is how fast my matchmaking work happens. Without directly matchmaking my clients, simply by doing the Twin Flame clearings and activations, their partner will show up out of the blue, like clockwork. Miracles every time–it’s pretty crazy to witness!

As your guide, you can feel at ease with me as we resolve your many years of pain, problematic men, and trust issues with the Masculine. I have seen it and been through it all, and have worked through it with hundreds of clients! We make your journey fun, pleasant, and a success.

My expertise has been honored with substantial accolades and accomplishments including an honors degree from Duke University in Sexuality Studies, a PhD in Transpersonal Counseling, a certificate in holistic nutrition and a certificate in personal fitness training. I am also a certified past life regression therapist and life coach. Finally, I plan to expand my writing career this year and I am the author of The Twin Flame Diet.

My work has been featured on MyTinySecrets.com, The Feminine Leadership Summit, HerTerms Telesummit, BlogTalk Radio, That’s Shanghai, Shanghai Talk, Metrozine, Spa China, and my videos have reached over half a million views on YouTube.

A few things that may pleasantly surprise that you’ll get to experience while we working with me are:

I help you fall in love with yourself so you can become an irresistible seductress
I incorporate healing the 11 Twin Flame Chakras to quickly call in your perfect partner
You participate in a profound Twin Flame Self-Marriage Ceremony with a photoshoot experience
I’ll teach you how to manifest your man, your money,  and anything you want to manifest with ORGASM!

I look forward to connecting. Get started with your complimentary Twin Flame Ignition Kit by clicking the “Get Started” button.

It would be my absolute pleasure to call in your Twin Flame so you can build a life beyond your wildest imagination! Let’s continue the conversation in the manner that suits you. Reach out to my team at admin@dramandanoelle.com


 Short Bio (OK, short for Dr Amanda!)

Dr Amanda Noelle is on a mission to help conscious single women call in their Beloveds at light speed so that they can become part of a Twin Flame Power Couple—tantric partnerships aligned to heal the planet.

The Twin Flame Matchmaker holds over a decade of experience working with single clients who have struggled in love. She has an astounding 90% success rate; she’s even helped clients who have been single for over a decade to call in their Sacred Union within 24-hours!

But her matchmaking isn’t based on traditional “Joe meet Susan” tactics at all…She is a seasoned modern-day mystic, aka a “High-Healed Priestess” (healer in heels), who heals your heart to the core. This includes healing scar tissues and traumas from your past, even your past lives.

Her work incorporates ‘Manifesting with ORGASM.’ She teaches “masturtation”—meditation with masturbation–to activates their womb space to become magnetic, receptive, and ready for true love.

She and her Twin Flame Jack are on a mission is to create 144,000 Twin Flame Power Couples–leaders who step up with love to heal the planet. They believe that when we align the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine within partnerships, we’ll align love everywhere.

The High-Healed Priestess graduated cum laude from Duke University in Sexuality Studies (yes, cum very loudly). She also touts a PhD in Transpersonal Counseling, as well as handful of other fancy certifications to help women fall in love with their bodies, minds and spirits. She is also the founder of Aphrodite University, the premier Divine Feminine university and mystery school for Twin Flame women.

If you are seeking a proven professional matchmaker to clear out stubborn old love blocks and quickly call in someone who is as sexy, spiritual, and badass as you, Dr Amanda is your girl. To get started on your rapid-fire Twin Flame attraction, flow to http://dramandanoelle.com and nab your complimentary Twin Flame Ignition Kit, a package of juicy tools valued at over $1000 designed to quickly light up your Twin Flame…

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