Welcome Twin Flame Lover…

Thanks for committing to attracting your Twin Flame the Divine Feminine way.

Are you so done with online dating disappointments, hustling to find true love, and dealing with partners who can’t meet you in your depth?

Look no further…the Twin Flame Ignition Kit is designed to help you get started on a rapid-fire Twin Flame attraction journey…

It’s time to clear the way for your Twin Flame to come in!

INSTRUCTIONS: Go through each of the 4 steps below in the next 7 days or less. Reread or re-listen to the meditations as often as needed for optimal results.

Step One: Cleanse Your Womb

Womb Space Clearing Meditation  Are you ready to awaken your womb and call in a partnership that aligns with your Divine Feminine Essence? This mini guided meditation will take you to Aphrodite’s Bath, a pool in Cypress, to cleanse out all toxins from past lovers, sexual experiences, and shame blocks. You’ll clean house so your ultimate lover can move in…

Step Two: TWIN FLAME DNA Activation

Twin Flame DNA Activation  This mp3 training and activation will help awaken your Twin Flame 11/11 codes, balancing your feminine and masculine energy, awakening your kundalini, and healing your DNA. You can listen to this mp3 at any time.

Step Third: Twin Flame Activation

Want to accelerate your results?  

Normally, my programs involve group coursework and coaching, and I work only with just a small handful of one-on-one VIP clients…

But right now I am offering a limited number of discounted VIP Twin Flame Activation Sessions (a $697 value)!

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As an intuitive Twin Flame “Matchmaker,” I’ll help you discover your fastest path to your beloved, a partner who can support you in soul purpose and priestess pleasure. Here is what Gina, one of our clients said about our matchmaker work: “Over the course of only two months, my dreams started coming true. Within a year, I married the man of my dreams! We own a business together and have two lovely children.” The session is for those who are 100% committed to calling in their ultimate beloved within the next 6-12 months or less. The Twin Flame Activation Session is the perfect next step if you are ready to:

  • Discover how to call in your Twin Flame fast using my proven Twin Flame Attraction Formula.
  • Identify your Twin Flame Love Blocks (TFLBs) that are holding you back from quickly magnetizing your Beloved.
  • See how to get your 11 Twin Flame Chakras in full alignment.
  • Clarify your Twin Flame Life vision, and map it out.

I look forward to seeing how we can help you reach your Twin Flame Love goals on the call.

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Beloved, please continue to enjoy this complimentary Twin Flame Ignition Kit to support your upgrading of frequencies in your heart!


XO, Dr. Amanda