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Welcome to the Women in BLI$$ness course downloads page.  Your one stop shop! Get your ebook and course mp3s here.

This is a private page and all materials are those women enrolled in the course only.







Women in BLI$$nes Ebook

Adventure into the world of BLI$$ness, a how-to guide to help you magically attract your bliss, ideal clients, and bliss buck$ based on your soul purpose. A Divine Feminine way to BLI$$ness handbook, workbook, and inspirational tool!



Women in BLI$$ness Class One

An intro to WIB, about Amanda, and some yummy tools and inspirations!


Twin Flame Love

Women in BLI$$ness Class Two 

Class two, Soul Purpose on Purpose, is all about unleashing your soular power by finding your soul purpose, and turn it into a unique BLI$$ness niche.


Women in BLI$$ness Class Three

More on nitching, attracting your soulmate clients, info products, time leveraging, and creating your unique branded signature products/systems!

Women in BLI$$ness Class Four

More about utilizing your passions, busting perfectionism, public speaking, and much much more!

Squash the business competition by doing BLI$$ness instead!

Women in BLI$$ness Class Five

This class covers the “Seven Secrets to BLI$$ness Success!”

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Women in BLI$$ness Class Six

Wahoo!  Congrats, you’ve made it to Women in BLI$$ness Class Six!  Great job… In this final course, we will CELEBRATE, make ya wanna dance, and we’ll go over a both a deepened BLI$$ness review and somethings new!