5 Principles of the Twin Flame Path

5 Principles of the Twin Flame Path

5 SUPER SEXY Principles of the Twin Flame Path!

This video covers the 5 Principles of the Twin Flame Path
You truly cannot have the enlightened and aligned relationship you desire without getting these 5 principles DOWN stat!
In the video, you’ll learn the following:
  • The secret ingredient that works as a love spell to call in your Twin Flame fast
  • Find out the #1 area where women get stuck in the dating game which keeps ’em sad and single
  • Discover how to become an empowered Twin Flame
  • Get the secret symbol that can help you establish your Twin Flame soul purpose
This Twin Flame Path thing is no cakewalk! In fact, for Jack and I, it’s been a beautiful and exciting effing roller coaster…
Moreover, I myself have been terrified of claiming my niche as the Twin Flame Matchmaker–the Twin Flame Path is not for the faint of heart! Literally, this niche stares me in the face, begs me to take it, it always works out, and yet I run away from it every few months hiding like a big baby!
It’s OK to have fear, but you gotta face it. That’s what I am doing it!

Are you afraid to claim your soul purpose and your Twin Flame Love?

Claiming my soul purpose as the Twin Flame Matchmaker has taken me so much strength, because I struggle with COMMITMENT. Which is perfect, as so many people I work with and speak to are equally frightened of love, marriage, commitment, and having a single primary partnership that grows over time. I don’t blame them! Twin Flame Love ain’t for sissies…
While the concept of Twin Flames is as ancient unsliced bread (likely manna made from Kamut) not everyone should believe in it. I still often doubt the concept of Twin Flames as often as I doubt God/Universe. Sometimes you simply can’t believe in something until you know it.
I have believed in Twin Flames since the beginning, because my soul never forgot what it’s like to live in Sacred Union, as much as I have let fear in. Now I am beginning to have faith, because I have faith in this one thing: my I AM Self. That’s the space where God and I are homies.
Do you believe in Twin Flames, and do you believe in lasting love? What is your definition?
Here’s to our learning–I can’t wait to hear what YOU have been going on this long dance on your Twin Flame soul path!
PS: If you like, give me some feedback in the video about what you want more or less of, I am open to exploring the journey with your opinion!
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