Three Ways to Remember Your Dreams and Heal in the Dreamtime

Three Ways to Remember Your Dreams and Heal in the Dreamtime

Would you like to recall your dreams so that you can:

  • Heal your body from illness, energy blocks, and chronic pain?
  • Remember and heal your past lives or early childhood?
  • Forgive and let go of past relationships that are stopping you from being in a healthy partnership with your Twin Flame
I love using the astral (dream) realms to heal myself, particularly when I have tried everything under the sun on the waking world and nothing works.
Last night I studied and played for 8 hours in the astral realms. All shamanic cultures incorporate dreams into their healing work, and this is where I give and receive massive healings and activations.

I’ll share this healing dream download with you as an example of how you can heal in your dreams.

I was watching these beautiful codes: numbers and symbols, floating in space. They were intricate and intentional created by the Higher Powers.
I was ‘told’ by a Higher Mind (within myself and within the dreamtime) that the digit one is a key, as it unlocks the heart(s) of The All. For everything is made up of 1s and zeros!

The Masculine is represented by 1s, and the Feminine by womb-like zeros.

Yoni = 0
Lingam = 1
Together, patterns of 1s and 0s create our entire Universe.
In the dream I found that one of the ways to heal ourselves and the planet is by using these codes in meditation.
The old codes are the past codes of pain, like that heartbreak you just can’t seem to shake. Or your issues with men, money, your body, depression, etc.
The old codes don’t feel blissful and light, so they are here to be unlocked, so we can move from the past pain into presence and pleasure. So women and men can thrive in sexy, successful, soul-based and soul purpose-based partnerships. So our children are born into healed hearts and wombs, from proud loving seeds of vivacious consciousness!
We are all One, and no one on this planet no matter how separate they may feel can escape this!
Therefore, through Oneness, we can heal ourselves and the planet in the dreamtime. These are the 3 tools I hope may inspire and support your healing:

STEP ONE: Have a Dream Journal

A dream journal is a journal you place by your bed that you fill primarily with dream notes. It holds energy, wisdom, and magic for you while you sleep. During your divine download time at night, the dream journal will be there waiting your notes as you experience dreams and healings.
When I first got a dream journal, I instantly began remembering my dreams. I had more dreams, better dreams, and was able to become more lucid and thus moved myself around in dreams.

STEP TWO: Have an Orgasm Before Bedtime

What did you say crazy lady!? Yes, although this tip sounds a bit odd, this tip really works. In order to awaken your dreamtime chakras, it helps to have the orgasmic energies running through your body. So play with yourself or a partner and while you’re orgasming have the intention to bring this magic into the dreamtime.
I often have orgasms during my sleep that feel very healing if I have had an orgasm before going to bed.  Last night I had 3 orgasms in my sleep using this tactic, and I was able to clear some emotional blocks I had been working on intensively this week post full moon.
twin flame dreams

STEP THREE: Claim Your Dream Power!

This is the most important piece. Most of us simply go to sleep and sleep. Some of us have dream recall, and some don’t. But everyone is dreaming at night–if we didn’t we’d go insane. It’s a proven fact that has been studied by psychologists: if someone doesn’t dream for 2 days or so, they begin to go mentally insane. If you’re saying “I don’t dream,” what you really mean is that you don’t remember your dreams.
It’s at this time that you must claim your dream power! You are made up of Oneness, and at night your conscious mind shuts off, while your subconscious mind awakens without limitations. It’s the perfect ripe place to perform deep self-healing and planetary healing work.
Right now we are at a time of crisis on the planet with global warming, overpopulation, wars, terrorism, etc. Not to get into a soapbox or scare anyone, but it is our time to address these issues and the place to do that is in both waking life and the dreamtime.
Dreamtime is the space where the divine mind in us can communicate with the dark subconscious of itself that is mirrored in the ‘other’–in terrorists, dark places, leaders, etc.  We can beam love towards where it needs to go, and the limits of waking life are not present.
Claim your dream time! Practice healing yourself and the planet and even calling in your Twin Flame in the dream time. Life is moving too fast, and it’s too short to wait.