How to Shop the Twin Flame Way: Conscious Couture Tips

How to Shop the Twin Flame Way: Conscious Couture Tips

Twin Flame Priestesses! High-end female entrepreneurial leaders! Do you need another dress made in China that will go into landfill (or the ocean which is packed with plastic?) OR do you want to reduce, reuse, recycle and do high-end clothing swaps?

Like most priestesses, I love luxury, shopping, and haute couture…

But I hate shopping for new items knowing that I am hurting our planet that has very little time to be saved.

No I don’t want to be negative, but the evidence is wracking up: Gaia needs us more than ever right now. We’re over-focused on making money for material goods, and under-focused on making money to solve the environmental problems.

Who cares about wealth if Gaia is under water and on fire?!

I see so many high-level female entrepreneurs (and I have been a guilty one myself!) who have closets packed with unethical amounts of unsustainably made clothes because they “need to for branding” so they can grow their biz.

But with California on fire, and NASA satellite experts telling us that we have little time to spare, we have to rethink our priorities.

And why not! We can look cute AND dress with a low footprint…

I highly recommend rebranding yourself as an ethical entrepreneur, wearing used or recycled clothes. There is enough used clothing on the planet to dress us for the next 100 years!

It’s time to stop, shop, and roll to your next clothing swap, especially us women leaders who claim to be “spiritual.”

YES, ladies and gents it’s OK to wear used clothes and be a millionaire! I source my style at vintage shops, and save the “new dress” experience for very rare occasions (like my wedding dress which I got in a color that I can re-wear!).

There are many high-end boutiques, online stores, and shops on Etsy that produce recycled clothing.

Conscious Twin Flame Priestess Couture Tips:

  1. Reduce: go on a new clothing fashion diet. Stop buying new items besides bare essentials (panties, lingerie, socks etc)
  2. Reuse: attend clothing swaps! Shop at cute vintage boutiques, head to the Goodwill, Ebay and other used online shops for designer brands.
  3. Recycle: hire a tailor or seamstress who can sew you your dream dress out of a used 80s prom dress like Pretty n’ Pink! Or use old drapes to make a cute pair of paints.
  4. Rent: check out shops like that let you rent your dress for your next event (you know you’ll wear it once or twice anyway!)

Mostly, I hope I’ve inspired you to think before you shop, love the planet before you pick out your next dress item, and bring consciousness into all aspects of your bli$$ness and life.

I help women become Twin Flame Millionairesses–6 and 7-figure earners who are here to save the planet, who love BIG, and who are blowing up the old patriarchal paradigms. I’d love to hear what your business is!

Let’s do this, let’s wear our values and take action.

If you’re ready to grow your 6-figure business the smart and soul aligned way,

What are your favorite Twin Flame Priestess style tips? Share in the comments below!


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