How to Get What You Want and Have it All

How to Get What You Want and Have it All


Do you want something (or someone) so crazy juicy badly, and it makes your mouth and PU$$Y water, but you can’t figure out how to get it? 

I can help you get what you want, sister:

A Twin Flame. Buttloads of wealth. Free time. The best body you’ve ever had.

It’s really simple. Yet most women get blocked getting what they want, because they don’t teach you this Sacred Feminine manifestation stuff in school.

In fact, it’s the opposite of what they teach–they teach you to be a good girl, work hard, stay quiet, and be perfect. 

Yet you can’t win that way. You’ll never get what you want unless you use your Sacred Feminine essence.

The reason you followed their bogus advice for so long is because you lacked self-esteem and didn’t feel good enough. You didn’t feel good enough because it was an ancestral pattern.

It’s time to break this cycle and it’s time for women to claim what we want!

If you haven’t seen the video version yet, here’s a fun way to “read” the blog here How to Get What You Want:

Twin Flame Abundance Channeling Meditation: Manifest Your Desires Now!

Women aren’t meant to struggle, and we’re meant to get what we want. I believe that God/dess wants this for us, and for all beings to be happy and fulfilled.

You are not getting what you want because you do not feel good enough to receive it.

Silly girl, it’s not that:

  • You’re not good, pretty, or thin enough
  • What you want doesn’t exist
  • You have to burn yourself out to get it
  • God doesn’t love you and what you to live in bliss
  • Getting what you want means sacrificing your values or bending yourself into a pretzel-shape

You are good enough. The secret is to start feeling good and to start feeling into what you want!

You can get what you want simply by:

(1) knowing 100% that it is a possibility, (2) that you are worth it, and (3) receiving it. 

Your first step to getting what you want is to envision it very clearly! 

Thus, my invitation to you this week is to set aside a few minutes to make some time to go on this simple journal-journey:

  1. Go somewhere fun like a cafe, spa, or mountaintop
  2. Take your journal out and allow yourself to imagine yourself with no limits
  3. Put on your pleasure-thinking cap and allow yourself to stream onto the paper your greatest desires to receive
  4. Allow your Higher Self to do the magic and if you get blocked, just ask her “What do you want?” as if you’re talking to the highest most loving part of your soul
  5. Then, take Divinely Guided Action. A goddess doesn’t stay stuck in the Spirit World without coming down and taking Divinely Guided Action. 

I’ll be sharing loads more tools and tips here and on next month’s New Moon Raw Cacao Ceremony.

I’d love to hear what you journal about so I can give you a little blessing. 

Post your journaled desires here in the Facebook thread so we know what you’re up to and I’ll do my best to reply to all comments!


Amanda Noelle + Aphrodite

PS: Don’t forget to watch the video to get super activated called How to Get What You Want right HERE.