How to Do Past Life Regression: Remember Twin Flame Past Lives

How to Do Past Life Regression: Remember Twin Flame Past Lives

How to Do Past Life Regression: Remember Past Lives

How do you remember your past lives?

I know that I have remembered some of the most wild past lives, from lifetimes in Atlantis as a high priestess, to being in the head of the Sphinx in Egypt, to being in the witch burnings in Boston, Massachusetts, to being the Holocaust in Germany.

In this article I will teach you how to remember your past lives so you can be healed in this lifetime.

Three Power Tools to Instantly Remember Your Past Lives

#1: Have a Meditation Practice to Prepare You for Past Life Recall

Have a metaphysical detoxification practice. Meditation can serve to help you release old codes, old energies, old belief systems that get stuck in the aura. This feels like old waste clogging the aura, and is vibration lowering.

You do not have to recall all of the trauma you experienced in difficult past lives; you do not have to re-traumatize yourself. You don’t have to even look at it, at least not consciously, until and unless you are ready and desire to go there.

I teach my Aphrodite University students exactly how to clear an aura over several months. But in a pinch, I will give you a brief meditation you can do to clear your aura!

7 Chakra Grounding and Aura Clearing Meditation:

  1. Connect to the celestial (Sky Energy) to the top of the head and bring it down the spine
  2. Connect to the terrestrial (Earth Energy), drinking up energy from the center of Gaia
  3. Clear out the legs with the Earth Energy, visualizing energy washing away there
  4. Drop down a Grounding Cord, a line of energy extending from your tail bone to the center of the planet
  5. Release excess energy in your root chakra down into the center of the planet using a Grounding Cord
  6. Mix the Earth energy (approx. 20% Earth Energy) and send it up your spine and cycle it up through each of your chakras
  7. Keep bringing Earth Energy up through the legs
  8. See each of the chakras spinning and vibrating with vibrant rainbow colors according to each color
  9. At the crown chakra, allow the Earth-Sky Energy to fountain out of the top of your head
  10. At the Throat Chakra, allow the Earth-Sky Energy to flow down your arms and out  your hand chakras
  11. Continue running the energy throughout your entire spine, 7 chakras, and fountain throughout your entire aura
  12. Keep dropping off the waste into the Grounding Cord
  13. You are now ready to enter your past lives!

#2: Go Deeper With Your Diet: Detox to Prepare to See Past Lives

Once you’ve cleared your or your client’s aura and chakras, you will be ready to dive in deeper and look at your past lives.

But first, I highly recommend doing a dietary detox before exploring past lives. Here’s why…

I have literally seen where my clients who are carrying toxins–pesticides, heavy metals, candida, parasites etc, they will end up manifesting chakra blocks and we’ll start seeing heavy past lives.

A toxic body will reveal past lives such as rapes, pillages, traumatic deaths, diseases, etc.

In order to engage in your past life Akaishic records, you’lk want to do some dietary preparation

#3: Past Life Regression Therapy

In order to recall your past lives, you will want to participate in some sort of past life regression therapy.

At Aphrodite University, I teach our students a method called Rainbow Past Life Regression Therapy which is fun and engages in all of the 7 rainbow chakra colors.

To keep it short and sweet here, you can simply start out with the following.

  1. Do grounding meditation above
  2. Start with a prayer to open the sacred space
  3. Have an intention on what you want to heal and clear in this lifetime
  4. Move from seated position to lying down (be above client)
  5. Guide yourself or your client to a beautiful safe space out in nature
  6. Have a portal open i.e. a door or tree or wormhole
  7. Count yourself or client down from 10 to zero
  8. See a symbol or hear a sound at zero (I snap for my clients at zero)
  9. Enter a tunnel where you are met by a misty red color, the first of 7 colors as you go backwards in time:  red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, purple. These represent going backward through the “Mists of Time” until you reach the lifetime most significant to your current issue, or person of interest (instead of mists you can use colorful steps instead)
  10. After the Purple Mist of Time, you will have reached the end of the tunnel–see a portal opening to your intended past life
  11. Remind  yourself or client of your healing intention
  12. Once the door opens you will become the witness. Look around, see what you’re wearing, notice the time period, your environment, what did you do there?
  13. Learn the lessons by asking your Higher Guidance what you were meant to learn in that lifetime that you are clearing NOW

Learn more about past life regression therapy, watch the video above, post in the comments below, and stay tuned for more Twin Flame and past life teachings and tips!


Dr. Amanda Noelle, the Twin Flame Matchmaker

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