Change. Ascension. Romance. Sensuality. 

the New Moon in aries 2018

Hello Badass Spiritual Bachelorette or Boss Babe!

If you’re ready to manifest (MOONifest) abundance with optimal levels of love, bliss, and ease… Read on! Or, watch my recent video release,  The New Moon April 15th Astrology and Twin Flame Energy Updates Report HERE.   

This new moon forecast in Aries coming up on Sunday, April 15th will help you prepare for and explore the energies coming through this powerful new moon. I’ll be sharing general astrology updates, as well as a section for Blissness Energy Updates, and Twin Flame Energy Updates. “Blissness” is a term I coined that means business merged with your bliss.

New Moon Themes: Change, Ascension, & Emancipation

This new moon in Aries is perfect for making big leap in your life, and it is a especially a fortuitous time for making a fresh start or rebrand in your blissness, or refreshing a new start in your Twin Flame Union and in your love life. Jupiter sextile Pluto at this new moon brings success through positive change through flow.

Expect a natural flowering to happen, and get excited because things that felt heavy and difficult in the past will have a more fluid aspect to them.

This is perfect, because recently things have felt a little out of alignment due to Mercury Retrograde. Perhaps not coincidentally, Mercury goes direct just 16 hours before the new moon when the new moon medicine offers good fortune for making a fresh and flowy start!

What I am most excited about in this upcoming moon is that it’s going to help us break the chains of bondage that we’ve endured while living in our 3D reality, This new moon is going to kick start a new wave of spiritual freedom. Uranus will help open up your psychic perception, see where you’ve been trapped and help you tap into Source Consciousness for your answers. This is going to give us a higher perspective and awaken our spirits to the Sacred Mysteries.

Your pineal gland may pop open. This pineal gland is located in the center of the brain, behind and above the pituitary gland. It’s surrounded by super charged cerebrospinal fluid and has more blood flow per cubic volume than any other organ.

This is a special new moon in Aries, as it gives us a new way of accessing the stargates.

It’s almost as if we’re breaking through collectively as earth students who are graduating from 3D and into the Higher Dimensions. At and after this new moon, you may feel like suddenly you are able to access the Akashic Records, remember your past lives, download information in a new way and unveil certain mysteries that were stumping your soul for lifetimes! All the while without plant medicines or psychedelics!

New moons are generally a time to plant new seeds, set your intentions, and create a game plan for the 28-day cycle ahead. It’s especially powerful and also traditional for women to gather and harness the Sacred Feminine energy of the moon, merging the current new moon with the collective power of our inner lunar cycles.

Women around the globe are gathering in ceremony, and that’s of course why you’re always invited to join my tribe at Aphrodite University for a complimentary New Moon Raw Cacao Ceremony. Check out the link in the description box to register for free right now.

Now for a bit more general astrology for this new moon, before we dive into deeper Twin Flame Energy Updates!

April 15 New Moon at 26°02′ Aries Sign falls within Pisces Constellation (17° Pisces to 2° Taurus) which promotes flow, intuition, spiritual woo woo, mysteries, but this could also bring you an ungroundedness, addictions, brain fog, sugar and candida issues, feeling hazy, being mind controlled, and co-dependence because the Pisces Constellation is ruled by Neptune.

We may see events that occur that unground the masses, so hang on to your hat, and make sure to have a meditation, yogic, and grounding practice at this time!

Blissness Energy Updates:

You’ll notice that while it’s easy to download the next steps in your blissness, taking action at work might feel super slow. You may even feel lethargic, distracted, or like it’s hard to ground.

The success of your business might feel on hold for a bit during this new moon. That’s because what’s happening is that you’re going through a mystical upgrade, where your business, systems, and wealth are actually activating with higher dimensional vibrations. There will soon likely be flow, and so have patience if grounding new systems feels awkward or slow right now.

While it might feel annoying to have to wait, this is a great time to build some business building meditation space into your calendar.  come back when you have a full cup and better focus. This feeling of “brain fog” is due to Venus opposite Jupiter, which can cause us to lose focus and discipline.

That’s why unless you have an important deadline, this moon may actually be an ideal time to take a mental pause. You may even make it an opportunity to go on a vacation and distract yourself with pleasure, where you’ll likely download new business ideas and next steps to carry you through to success.

Expect to experience a bit of 3rd Eye Awakening because a fixed star called Al Pherg (good old Al) rules the pineal gland, and it sits right in that Pisces Constellation and is said to be great for opening up your minds eyes to new ideas, a fresh start, and a Higher Self perspective of looking at your reality.

This will not only help you with dealing with the way you see yourself and your life, Al Pherg can help us with rapid manifestation because we’ll be able to see through the Matrix and read the shortcuts!

So stay on top of your Pineal Gland Decalcification friendly foods including: oregano oil, chlorella, blue green algae, spirulina, iodine, raw apple cider vinegar, and beets. These are like Visine for your pineal gland so you can crack through that sheath covering your lense that prevents us from seeing the divine path, order, and truth.

Twin Flame Energy Updates:

An open pineal gland will help you find, attract, and sustain your Twin Flame Union; I know that many of you have been blocked in manifesting your Twin Flame for some time, and that happened to me too! Or maybe you’ve met and you’re still having issues in aligning to that sweet spot.  While a lot of this could be related to our personal development, some of this could have do to the astrological alignments that have caused love to feel locked, and SO far away.

For some, it hasn’t always been easy for the earthly self to received and keep the divine love they deserve, and it’s like WTF?

Why aren’t my relationships working out, am I really that bad? No, it’s likely not you…As a psychic and a woman who has gone through this myself, I have studied this and seen that for a long long time, there has been a lot of blocks impacting the collective unconscious that have made love seem challenging or even impossible for many lovers on earth. This explains the divorce rate, and why so many who stay married suffer through a whole lot of mystery!

But I have great news for you Twin Flame Lover! This is an opportune time to stoke up the Twin Flame sparks in the bedroom. If you’re single, self-pleasure or connect with a playmate in a way that feels sacred. It’s also a time to break free from old patterns, and create new ones. So, if you’ve been routine with things in the boudoir, or even at the dinner table, cook up something spicy and new at this junction!  

With Venus trine Pluto, your desire for affection, intimacy, and bonding will be at its peak. The love you find may feel different or mysterious, but oh-so-right, so don’t get into your head, and instead listen to your body, heart, and most of all your soul for deep guidance.

Remember that it’s not just about following lust or the direction of your loins–as Twin Flame Soulmate Sex is about following Spirit and leads to long term, lasting hot sex in Union.

Mars sextile Neptune increases your sensual desires – so this is a great time to stoke up and spoil the senses. Put on silky clothes, adorn yourself and your lover with essential oils, eat foods flavored with aromatic spices, and pleasure the senses and skin with massage, yoni massage, or even the classic tickle feather!

Mars sextile Neptune also makes it an ideal time for romance, something that is so valuable to your relationship (a relationship without the bliss of romance is a business, not a blissness!).

Tune into empathy, for you’ll be more sensitive to the needs of your beloved, and enjoy sharing these mystical love vibes.

Summary of the New Moon in Aries 2018

This is a great time for launching something new, starting a new lasting relationship. The key is that this time, you’ll be doing it from Spirit, and not just the Matrix or head. Tune into your Higher Self wisdom, expect your  pineal gland to be activated, and be prepared to see things from a new perspective that will allow you to access shortcuts and experience synchronicity.

Entertain and explore your senses, come from a Higher Plane when you connect, speak, and express intimacy with your lover or lovers.  Break the mold, and connect with the truest expression of your sexuality, not the canned conditioned version and your lover will absolutely love it. And so will you, you will unlock a part of yourself that has been dormant for perhaps lifetimes that will come back not only into the boudoir, but in the way you show up in everyday life as a badass blissness woman.

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Steps to Prepare for the New Moon in Aries:

Introduce essential oils, color, texture, and contact to support the senses. Perhaps request a sacred yoni massage ritual on the eve of the new moon from your Twin Flame. Or DIY after a hot bath!

Decalcify your pineal gland via these supplements: oregano oil, chlorella, blue green algae, spirulina, iodine, raw apple cider vinegar, and beets.

Expect some mental fog or challenges in grounding, or at least delays. Take this time to recharge your batteries, access and gain helpful downloads, and perhaps even take the weekend away.

Most of all, be open to the flow, and to receiving the good fortune during this ascension and transition, thanks to the new moon in Aries, 2018.

I look forward to seeing you ladies at the ceremony at 5pm PST/8pm EST – join by clicking the link below in the description box, and I will see you there!

Namaste, Namast-Go!

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