Venus in Retrograde Astrology October 5 to November 16, 2018:

Venus in Retrograde Astrology October 5 to November 16, 2018:

Venus Retrograde 2018 Report

Evaluate, Heal the Heart, Release Your Venus Energy!

Venus in Retrograde Astrology October 5 to November 16, 2018:

Greetings Twin Flame Lover!

So this video is for you if you’re a high-vibing, high-achieving female love leader who is here to align with your Twin Flame and you understand the impact that the planets have on your love life, your relationships, and even business prospects…

And maybe you’ve heard that Venus is currently in retrograde from October 5th until November 16th, 2018…

You’ll may want to use this astrology report to your advantage by taking notes! Then you’ll be able to work more love magic, and avoid potential negativity at this Venus retrograde.

First I’ll explain what Venus retrograde actually is and why it’s so important to be aware of.

Second, you’ll get the General Venus Retrograde Astrology Themes so you can capitalize on the bliss while minimizing on the drama.

Third, I’ll share my Blissness & Money Updates for your badass boss babes.

And, finally, I’ll give you a juicy Twin Flame Venus Retrograde Energy Report including the 3 things you should avoid at this time so you Twinsies can keep the love vibes high like Aphrodite Venus herself!

Before we dive any deeper… what in the universe is a Venus retrograde? You may be wondering…

Despite the cosmic urban legend, planets do NOT “move backwards” during a retrograde :).

“To retrograde” means to become, to appear, to behave—or appear to move—in a backwards motion.

However, it simply looks that way because of the planet’s position in relation to the Earth and Sun at different times during the year.

Venus retrograde occurs for approximately 40 to 43 days every 18 months.

Many people get a little nervous when they hear the term “retrograde” in their astrology forecast–because let’s face it, Mercury retrograde is usually intense, causing technology and other aspects of life to go a bit haywire…

While it’s true that if you’re not prepared, Venus retrograde could kick you in the bootay

But luckily for you, Venus retrograde can be an astrological asset because you are taking the time to understand its themes!

Here Are the General Venus Retrograde Astrology Themes:

Venus retrograde is an ideal time for setting intentions for what you want to manifest when the planets go direct.

It is not however a time to overdo it on big beauty projects, redecorating, making extravagant purchases, or making a big commitment in your love life at this time…

So hold off on that whimsical elopement and don’t impulsively hop off to the beauty salon for an ombre blue-purple hairstyle until AFTER the retrograde please my dears!

During this retrograde, Venus starts on October 5th at 10° Scorpio, lasting for 40 days, ending around November 16th when Venus goes direct at 25° Libra.

Starting in Scorpio could makes things challenging–as Scorpio, the most intense sign of the zodiac.

Scorpio corresponds to death, drugs, sex, taboos, finances, and perhaps even the shadow government.

It’s all about primal instincts, reflexes, and our reptilian brain.

Ultimately, Scorpio is all about the parts people are too afraid to talk about, know about–or don’t even WANT to know about.

Interestingly, according to Jamie Partridge, Venus this retrograde is on the same degree as the Ascendant of Bill Cosby and Harvey Weinstein!

The good news is that this retrograde will be ideal for creativity and art projects.

And fittingly, one thing that’s really special that many people are not aware of is that Venus makes a beautiful sacred geometric shape–a five pointed star-flower as the apparent path as observed from the Earth it rotates around the sun! I’ll talk more about this in a moment.

The ultimate purpose of the “test” for the Venus retrograde period is resurrect your biggest asset–your heart.

That’s why this is an important time to focus on healing your heart from past loves, childhood and past life wounds, and awaken your heart to your God/Goddess of Love potential!

I have an incredibly easy suggestion on how to do that if you’re interested…

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Alright SeaStar…

More about the pentagram of Venus

As I’ve stated, the Pentagram of Venus is the apparent path of the planet Venus as observed from Earth.

It’s also known as the Rose of Venus, because it has 5 ‘petals’ where Venus makes its closest approach to Earth.

Herein lies a clue to the origins of Mary Magdalene and the Sacred Roseline.

Mary Magdalene represents the divine beloved, the Twin Flame Bride, and the one who has resurrected herself, having been deemed a whore (and it wasn’t until 2016 that the Vatican took that one back with a public apology saying they’d mixed her up with another Mary).

Venus is universally associated with the sea, and with the Morning and Evening Star. Like the Virgin Mary, she bore the title Stella Maris: “Star of the Sea.” Like the Mother Mary, her sacred flower is the rose, and she was sometimes simply called “Mari” (meaning Sea Goddess Mother).

Spend time at the sea, listening to ocean meditations sounds on your favorite device, and add a little sprinkle of Celtic sea salt to your water, always a good practice, especially during Venus retrograde.

Venus’ flow has some nice synchronicity with the Fibonacci numbers in sequence: 3, 5, 8, and 13, as well as evidence of having resonance with the Golden Ratio, phi Φ.

Also interestingly, in Latin name for the planet Venus is Lucifer.

Perhaps during the patriarchy we were duped to believe that the Goddess of Love was the Devil?

This V-retrograde would be a great time to ponder about where we have demonized or undervalued parts of our Divine Feminine selves, and overly rewarded or even deified masculine aspects.  

Then we can connect all aspects of our self–real and false, love and light, male and female–at the heart and resurrect the Flames.

Blissness & Money Updates Time!

As Venus also rules money, it’s traditionally thought that Venus retrograde is not an ideal time for investing or buying luxury items.

But this IS going to be a powerful 40 days to review, revisit, re-evaluate not only your love life and your relationships, but your money space, and most of all your value.

And yes a woman’s value relates to how she earns or (perhaps more appropriately) receives her value financially.

Since Venus is all about value, and the Divine Feminine has not felt of value and that is why there is a huge pay gap even today where female entrepreneurs make only 83 cents to the dollar.

It’s a time to question everything about value, including money, the money system, even the supposedly revolutionary cryptocurrency–and really take a deep look at the shadows there.

But more importantly, it’s a time to assess your values around value-exchange and your value in the money system… and prepare to create from there.

And hopefully then we can start to send bridge the wealth gap, see money go to good causes, pay our teachers, cut back on military spending, and make being a priestess or lightworker who chooses to monetize her gifts not a taboo, but a revered and even prestigious career.

To be honest, it’s been a hard path opting out of the mainstream way of earning money, going from Duke’s pre-med program years back to pursue my deep soul calling which was terrifying for many years! It led me down a path where I traveled the world, studied energy medicine, channeled my own path, and eventually became the Twin Flame Matchmaker.

But even though we’ve learned to monetize our gifts, as shamanic lightworkers, there are those in our own family who believe it’s wrong for Jack and I charge money for our work–even when we’ve cured many mental and physical ailments when working on the energetic level.

It’s an outrage to be deemed as “bad” or at best not be taken seriously because some family members believe that only the doctors, dentists, psychologists, etc are considered real healers and deserve money, even when we’ve worked just as hard at mastering our craft.

Yet Jack and I have made the commitment to send them love as we set a boundary so their beliefs don’t stop us from doing our lightwork while owning our value. We hold them with compassion and pray that they too someday will honor their divine healing gifts to the value of the Divine Feminine.

Twin Flame Venus Retrograde Energy Report

I forecast that the retrograde will be a big initiation for us Twin Flames on a soul purpose level.

The number 144 comes up at this time…Wiki states:

“Successive inferior conjunctions of Venus repeat with an orbital resonance of approximately 13:8—that is, Venus orbits the Sun approximately 13 times for every eight orbits of Earth—shifting 144° at each inferior conjunction.”

You’ll remember that 144,000 is a special number for Twin Flames.

144,000 is a sacred number–many believe that there will be 144,000 lightworkers (Flames) who explain and reveal the divine mission, to create Heaven on Earth because of evidence expressed in religious texts including Revelations 7.

So we have 144 and if we multiply it by 1000 we get the magic Twin Flame number. These numbers may not be literal, but more symbolic.

The number 1000 is an Angel number that symbolizes divine help in its universal form. This means you will have the strength to achieve anything you desire.

The number 144,000 represents our shot at achieving heaven on earth, and apparently we need Venus’ help at this time.

At this point you’ve heard that exchanging love and affection could become more difficult.

As a preventative measure it could be a really powerful time to do some journaling about any relationships you’re in, and discuss and evaluate the relationship together.

This would be a good time to evaluate but not commit to making changes in the relationship.

Exes or old karmas may arise to be sorted. This could be a great time to cut heart chakra cords and understand what brought you together in the first place in this manner.

Using the symbol of a rose might be helpful–try sending your exes psychic rose of completion at this time by envisioning a bouquet of white roses representing death and rebirth using this prayer:

“May these roses represent a completion of what was lived between us. They represent forgiveness for what hopes were not lived out between us. May we sever the tie that no longer serve us, and may we walk our paths individually in Love and Light.”


Ah that felt good. You can repeat this for any old loves.

With your Twin Flame, I highly recommend that you create a sacred space for contemplation of the new chapter starting November 16th.

Ask yourself:

What do we want to do together with our time here?

How do we want to hold our union?

What is our biggest soul purpose?

What actions do we need to take next?

Are there any rituals we need to partake in this year, monthly, annually, on the Solstices/Equinoxes to keep things running smoothly?

OK next, the three things to avoid this month are:

Sexual Tension, Pent Up Anger, and Impulsiveness!

The main influence on Venus stationary retrograde is a tense square aspect to Mars.

The sexual tension could be high in either one or both partners…

Take this as a time to connect with self-touch and exploration, or even moving the sexual energy into non-sexual places.  

The man thing is to remain conscious of what is happening and not suppress the energy.

Creating sacred sexual rituals that occur over several hours could be a particularly powerful act, especially during the new moon in Libra on October 8 and full Hunter’s moon on October 24th.

The second to avoid is to pent up your anger!

The last time we had a Venus retrograde was Fall 2010; Jack and I went through a major up-heaving of stuck anger in our union….

Since we didn’t know that much about astrology at that time–we didn’t know what was happening. But the arguments spiraled out of control…So our minds assumed the worst (that it was time to break up) instead of focusing on feeling through the intense emotions.

All of Jack’s commitment fears came up—Jack was especially terrified of making the “wrong” choice, or to be stuck in a codependent, disempowered relationship.

My abandonment fears came up and I manifested my worst fear during Venus retrograde–Jack asking me to take our engagement bands off.

Luckily we stayed detached throughout the situation and got professional help so that we could make clear individual decisions, then came back to make a compromise.

We learned important tools and we learned to express our anger in healthy ways and miraculously cleared up some verbal abuse patterns carried in our lineage for generations.

Some of you may remember this from those YouTube days! Comment below if you do… Thank you so much for continuing to trust us. 

It was to our surprise, that during the last retrograde “test of the heart” that we truly fell in love on a much deeper level of authenticity and trust.

We hope that you utilize this potent period to integrate, evaluate, and heal your heart chakra, and spread this love further and wider after the retrograde.

If you want my support to heal and activate your Anahata (4th chakra), take advantage of the 66% off rate and purchase your Home Learning Program HeartBreak to HeartBreakthrough by clicking this link. Act fast to grab your $11 off coupon code,

The first 144 lucky buyers will access this sacred savings!

Thank you so much for joining me. Sending you loads of love from my heart to yours, in the name of Venus Aphrodite. Amama!