New Moon in Taurus 2018 Astrology and Twin Flame Updates

New Moon in Taurus 2018 Astrology and Twin Flame Updates

Greetings Beloved! I’m sure that you’ve heard about the new moon in Taurus that’s coming up on Tuesday May 15th, 2018. It’s located at 24° in Taurus.  

You might have heard about the somewhat ominous qualities of this new moon, due to the the influence of two tricky little fixed stars in Perseus Constellation called Algol and Capulus that are associated with disaster, violence, and bad luck…

Which is why during this new moon in Taurus, I’m here to give you my best guidance as a love expert and intuitive to ensure that you play your Tarot cards right and create a successful and sexy new moon…

As you may know, I am Dr. Amanda Noelle, the Twin Flame Matchmaker and I help badass bachelorette boss babes to call in their ultimate of soulmates–the Twin Flame, so I’ll also be sharing a few of my ninja secrets today to help fire up your Love Codes so you can attract and keep your Twin Flame Union.

Here is the astrology report for the New Moon in Taurus 2018:


This new moon kicks us off into a cycle that can create some reckless energy that could feel like an earthquake, flood, fire…We may experience impatience, boldness, rage, or see us or the environment act rashly without regard for the consequences.

The astrology reports show that mother nature could impact large numbers of people with extreme weather conditions or other catastrophic events.

Mars square Uranus may unleash an impulsive and reckless part of us, which could significantly impact our relationship, business, and all areas of life.

Don’t worry my friend, there are several benefits that will occur from this craziness:

(1) the suppressed Feminine within us will begin to rise and speak her voice from places where she’s been silenced for lifetimes;

(2) an ancient anger towards the Masculine will begin to “burned off,” which will eventually make way for more peace between the Feminine and the Masculine, and men and women in general; and finally

(3) we will learn from our Feminine intuition.

We will see things from a more whole and intuitive perspective versus the more rational angle. It’s almost like witnessing a child having a temper tantrum over wanting a cookie. The smart parent will ask, “Is my child tired?” “Are they feeling upset about something,” or “Why are they feeling emotional?”  

The energy that is releasing through this alignment at the new moon with Algol and Capulus happens through US, and we have the free will to use it to express with more authentic vulnerability, and also learn to set a healthy boundary with our rage and our impulsive qualities.

There has been an important conversation happening between the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine throughout time that we are facing head on at the new moon in Taurus: should we let humans rule with the Feminine (nature & flow) or the Masculine (science & control)?

This conversation will remain constant throughout time and has no final resolution of course; however, at this time the debate could become more of a screaming argument that goes nowhere if we’re not careful.

The Masculine part within us will want to control the Feminine, and rule her using scientific methods (such as weather modification, genetic modification, nuclear weapons, pharmaceutical use, censorship, and any form of control over another who is less awake or educated).

On an internal level, we may notice a Masculine part of us trying to discipline and control our Feminine, and the Feminine may no longer be willing to submit…she may indeed SCREAM back at him a polite or not so polite Hell Effing NO!

For example, in the past most people got married, felt obligated to spend their entire savings on a traditional wedding ceremony to please others, and then got divorced due to financial stress! They followed social norms, templates based on external looks vs feeling into the Feminine which is based on emotion and feeling.

Luckily, humanity is waking up and create what WE want, and not operate from some old outmoded patriarchal blueprint. The Divine Feminine is ready to scream and express what She needs, but she’s been conditioned to be polite and shut up…that’s why she’s called in Algol and Capulus to help blast open our 5th chakras and shake it!

Square between mars and uranus can bring out a lot of innovation, so where there have been walls and dead ends in the past, we can literally see or channel in new solutions that are totally out of the box, maybe even edgy, that take us out of our comfort zone, but that help us kill it in our love lives, businesses, and being missionaries of the light.


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So while this new moon with semisextile Venus holds a positive attribute, offering us new potentials in love, abundance, and money, we can’t sit there and capitalize off of it….

The caveat is that you have to be an action-taker. We have to show up, go for what we want, say “I am sorry” when we’ve hurt someone’s feelings. If you’re single, this could be a great time to approach your crush and take a chance, do what it takes to create your dream life vs waiting for the Universe to show you signs.

That’s why it’s so important to set your goals clearly at the new moon, and be held accountable in tribe; that’s usually what it takes to hold ourselves accountable for the bigger goals. The law of attraction is ten times more powerful when we use it with other powerful mainfestors.

Indeed, this month is a great time to take a massive leap by taking massive action the area of Holy MatriMoney–making money from love, or creating the love that makes you feel like a million bucks!

For more of my videos on how to manifest using sexual energy and orgasm, click my new playlist at the end of this video, “Manifest With Orgasm”

Many of us are creating new paths, new careers, new systems, and new paradigms for love, relationship, business, education, and government that are heart-based.

Homework if you’re ready: is take action in your life by doing the top 1-2 things in your life that have been working in your favor and double up on the action.  If it worked for you in the past to meet men in cafes, go out to cafes twice as much. If you’ve met your last 3 clients at a networking event, go to twice as many events.

Do NOT attempt to do everything or to do everything perfectly. The new moon trine Pluto gives us the power to take control over our lives so we can create what we want, and quickly resolve the issues that we don’t want to rule our lives.


In terms of conscious partnership and romance, with the new moon in Taurus and Mars square Uranus we may see some dissonant energy and arguments. If you’re single, you might show up on a date and feel instantly annoyed by your date for no apparent reason. You might act impulsively and share TMI about yourself, repel his attraction, and regret it later. So stay steady sister…

Twin Flame Lovers, you may see new (and perhaps ugly) sides of your partner that you’ve never seen before. And vice versa! You may feel capable of speaking out from a raw and vulnerable, or even rageful place.  This is to be expected so don’t blame yourself if it feels raw or irritating…

So please be careful of what you say, and how you say it.

Express your feelings to yourself first, and take responsibility for them. Don’t expect your beloved or family or friends to magically know how you feel and why you feel it.  

Allow the Feminine to rise, let her express her anger (men too), but make sure that you’re doing it consciously…Using non-violent communication can be a game changer; where necessary use simple sentence stems such as “Right now I am feeling angry because,” or “When you did X, I felt Z.”  Don’t just rage and point fingers, feel and then communicate.

We don’t have to end our conversations in violence when we disagree…We may agree to disagree, agree that times are intense, take a night (or a week) to sleep on it, and while we’re sleeping on it or taking time to work through it, it’s highly recommended to focus on releasing toxic emotions and excess anger with intention.  

A liver cleanse, yoga, sauna, and many forms of sweating are a good idea at this time. But be gentle, you don’t want the intensity to pull a muscle.

When times are intense, it’s always a great idea to pray.  Prayer is powerful, as is meditation and journaling. When we’re grounded in spirit, we align and can take action from that place.

Alright I hope you enjoyed this blog and video, support my channel by liking and commenting on the video, I’d love to hear from you!

XO, Dr. Amanda Noelle

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