Money and the Law of Attraction

Money and the Law of Attraction

As a BLI$$ness Coach, my mission is to help spiritual women step into their divine abundance so that we can each become a living breathing goddess of abundance and to rebuild the goddess temple. As a spiritual woman, I struggled with poverty consciousness all through my twenties and made a 4-figure salary most of the time.  It got so much better when I had a goddess of abundance breakthrough in my early thirties, and I’ve never looked back! I now get to run my BLI$$ness between Europe, Asia, and the US and have coached women from over 30 countries worldwide, helping clients attract their divine abundance as coaches, healers, channels, intuitives, and holistic therapists.

Unless you love clipping coupons or worrying about where next week’s rent is coming from, poverty is not a high vibration for most people living in the modern world. The Universe is infinitely abundant, so if you’re not tapping in yet, there’s much exciting divine wealth to be discovered!

Here are three tips to quickly build your financial abundance:

goddess of abundance

1) Watch, read, breathe wealth consciousness.

I highly suggest listening to abundance consciousness videos daily, like the ones made by Esther and Jerry Hicks, whom I love.

Esther and Jerry Hicks, New York Times bestselling authors, channel higher dimensional energies and have a huge cult following of Ascension pioneers (people who are waking up). They speak to the connection with money and physical health, as well as the fact that we create our reality.

I suggest reading their books on the law of attraction, such as Money and the Law of Attraction: Learning to Attract Wealth, Health, and Happiness.

Or you can do a Google or YouTube search for abundance money and the law of attraction reviewsinspiration. Let your divine guidance take you to where your eyes need to wander. I love surfing YouTube with words that pop into my mind like “goddess of abundance” or “law of of attraction money” and watching the first few seconds of a few videos until something starts to speak to me.

I also like using money affirmations, and you can read my blog about this here.

2) Spend time with people who have good wealth consciousness.

Did you know that you are the average income earner of the five people you hang out with the most? This is true for not only money, but just about anything! Like average weight, self-esteem, political beliefs, or education level. We average out the energy frequency of the energy frequency that surrounds us! If you’re constantly spending time with people who have little or no money, or a low abundance-consciousness, it’ll hold you back BIG time. I know saying ciao for now to your poor peeps can be tricky and sad, but it’s vital  to set your high money frequency in place so that you can receive your divine abundance!

goddess of abundance

I hang out with one of my favorite people regularly, and the fact that she sometimes makes $100,000 in one day and is a conscious millionairess perks  up my abundance consciousness every time we meet!  She’s also a darling heart-based woman, an inspiration, and she’s given me some of the best abundance and business tips ever.  I met her at a high-end business coaching program, so it definitely helps to pay to enter exclusive circles!  She also happens to be part of my soul family, which was a nice surprise.

3) Seriously simple tip: set financial goals for yourself.

What is your juicy BLI$$ number!?

People often tell me that they want to know how to make a lot of money or “have a high abundance consciousness,” but that’s too vague for the Universe to grasp. Having real number value on your abundance/income helps align a vibration with a matter-based reality.  What would you like to attract this month? In the next six months? Within the upcoming year, five years, ten years, etc?  I notice that people tend to get unrealistic here. If you’ve been making $1,000/month for the past ten years and want to make $5,000 in 6 months, that might be a shock to your system. Try easing into 3 then $4,000 instead. The slow-and-steady approach tends to work for most people – though it’s not impossible that you’re different. But try not to get caught in setting number goals that are too big and stretched so that you snap in half under pressure!

To your big BLI$$ and abundance blessings!

Dr. Amanda Noelle