NEW MOON IN PISCES MARCH 17, 2018: 4 Things You Need To Know!

Dearly Beloved,

We are gathered here today because early on Saturday we’re going to experience an incredibly potent new moon that is 26 degrees in Pisces, which is the water sign.

Pisces holds a ton of potential manifestation or MOONifestation utilizing our spiritual gifts, creativity, imagination, intuition, sensitivity, empathy, and telepathy.

For those of you who are new to my channel, welcome–I’m Dr. Amanda Noelle, and I am a mystical matchmaker helping conscious lady boss leaders get the love they deserve. I’m so grateful to connect with you incredible ladies here–you have such amazing spirits, hearts, minds, and I love hearing what you’re up to in your lives, loves, and businesses.

You’re doing such big things–whether it’s launching a new aspect of your business, attending an ayahuasca retreat in Peru, or running your own retreat (like I love doing!)  in Bali and Italy. For those of you who have been connecting here on my channel for a while know that every month on the new moon I lead a complimentary new moon raw cacao ceremony within our growing global online sisterhood. Why cacao and why the new moon?

Well, raw cacao is an incredible heart opener that also awakens our 3rd eye which increases our intuitive visions and knowing, while the new moon is a time to plant new seeds and set intentions for the month or new period ahead.

Register now for this new moon in Pisces happening 5pm PST this Friday March 17, 2018.

During this new moon we’ll utilize the powerful medicine of water, for Pisces is a water sign and is symbolized by the fish, which represents splashing into the flow of our emotions, sensitivity, creativity and intuition.

Come to the ceremony wearing symbols of water such as coral, ocean or river pearls, jade, perhaps even popping in your jade egg for some extra magic! During this month’s new moon on Friday, I’ll be giving a free love-lecture on water medicine healing called, “Sexualem Salus Per Aquam: Sexual Healing Through Water,” where you’ll learn how to heal and nourish your Sacred Chalice (feminine energy) and Sacred Sexuality with spa rituals and water blessing baptisms.

You’ll discover the 3 reasons why water heals the feminine–uncover the hidden powers of healing with H20, including three major access points through which it can heal and open our yoni.

Bring a bowl of sea salted water for the lunar priestess in Pisces activation to blissfully MOONifest your love desires and lady boss goals in sisterhood.

During this complimentary Global Goddess New Moon Raw Cacao Ceremony we’ll set aside a few extra minutes to write out our monthly goals and spiritual intentions regarding relationships and love, business and wealth, as well as self-care and health.

In tribal times, we women would gather together around the new moon to tap into the feminine vibrations, to co-create, and perform sacred ceremony. Luckily, this tradition is finally starting to come back after 100s of years going underground. During the dark moon, it’s not only important to set our own goals, it serves to gather with other women to honor our female bodies, energy cycles, and yes even our hormonal cycles.

Since doing these new moon ceremonies, my irregular menstrual cycles balanced out, and many women will notice this as a result.

So if I haven’t convinced you already, register here so we can all hang out and celebrate this magical moon together and create the changes we’ve been waiting to see in the world within ourselves first.

So here are 4 things you need to know about the powerful new moon in pisces happening March 17, 2018 at 1:11 GMT (which is cool because 111 is a Twin Flame number, and it’s at 26 degrees in Pisces, where 2+6 makes 8, which is the power number, so this is gonna be a powerful one!):

First, Pisces is all about connecting us to Source. To our sensitive sides, to our feminine nature, spend time out in nature. Listen to shamanic drumming. The balsamic moon might bring up pieces to be healed, so I recommend listening to the sounds of drumming, nature, water flowing even YouTube waterfall videos.

Second, there is some neptune energy around us at this time, so be aware if you start to feel stagnant or a bit fuzzy headed. Instead of surrendering to the fog, or taking it as a sign that you need to sip on a huge chai almond milk double latte, take action to move the energy such as stepping out into nature, meditate, hike, get creative, paint, follow your passions and the energy will move through and can be used as fuel.

Third, this moon symbolizes new beginnings. All new moons do this to some degree, but water is where we begin; we’re born out of water. The human race begins from the  single celled sea creatures that evolve from consciousness, moving its way up to become man/woman. We hold the blueprint of the most simple AND the most enlightened forms of consciousness.

Water is the symbol of pure memory storage. Water is a storage device much like a silicon microchip, or like a quartz crystal made up of the same star tetrahedron structure. Water stores memory, and Pisces magic is that it stores the primordial memory–that is the one that is pure to our soul. Unscathed, uncontaminated by trauma, negative memory, or impurity. Our goal this new moon is to step through these new beginnings breaking through the old patterns and instead creating “new” healthy ones that model our divine potential and not our human conditioning.

One of the problems is that when we begin anew, we often arrive with the old baggage. I have seen so many women leave their corporate jobs only to create the exact same thing within their spiritual businesses because they haven’t dealt with their inner perfectionist or have not ended their karma with “the man,” so they end up burning out until they resolve these issues within.  Similarly, I see many women manifesting their ultimate soulmate, maybe even their Twin Flame, and things spark at first but then fizzle into the same abandonment patterns and push-pull cycles that their old karmic lovers put them through because these women have not upgraded their love codes or stepped into self-love and self-marriage. I myself just got married this month on 3/3 (at 3:33pm!) and I could literally feel my ancestors right there with me going “this is what you do when you get married” and some of them were living ones telling me how it works, when their way really wasn’t working for me in present time. This is an example of how our past can follow us and we need to let it go when it’s expired. Thus, during this new moon in pisces, it’s an opportune time to dredge the memory banks. Water in Ancient Hebrew is Mem, and the word memory comes from Mem Ohr, which means “water spirit.”

Thus, to attune our spirit and to optimal health, wealth, and love vibration, we must set our past free.   There are certain tools and techniques I’ll be teaching on the New Moon call to use water a spiritual healing amplifier that can help you clear ancient memory and record, and attune you to the vibrations and manifestations you wish to create, so stay tuned for Friday and make sure you’ve signed up at the link below!

Fourth, this new moon in Pisces is especially creative and ambitious as it is caught mid way between Uranus and Pluto which gives a somewhat complex vibration or paradox. We can find ourselves struggling to choose between following our dreams and dealing with the everyday cold realities. Where in your life do you feel held back by scarcity, yet you know inside you lies the strength to break through? Do you feel that there is so much more available for you, and yet you can’t quite fulfill your dreams? Well, good news! This month is THE month to tune into the power of healing through water, shamanic trance and meditation, journeying together in tribe, and getting creative.

I remember hating the job I was in because I wasn’t using my divine gifts, and I knew I was under earning and hiding. It wasn’t until I experienced an injury that forced me to leave that job and spend a few months soul searching in Bali, where I made the commitment to work for myself while connecting to Source.

I skyrocketed my bli$$ness doing what I loved and I believe part of why it happened so quickly and magically is because I was utilizing water healing rituals and prayers at some of the worlds most sacred sites and potent portals. I look forward to sharing these secrets and creating a vortex with you ladies during the upcoming new moon in pisces ceremony this Friday night (or if you’re in Australia or Central or Eastern Europe it’ll be early Saturday morning).  

Thus, during this new moon, stay creative, meditate, laugh, love, and do know that this moon holds potential for your sensitive heart to open wide  yes even in the romantic sense. Venus and Mars are close together in Pisces expressing romantic union, as well as the balance of love and power. So have patience, take the time to create sacred space, and I hope to see you Friday at the ceremony.

Oh, and if you’re brand new here, make sure that you’ve subscribed to my channel because every week I release videos for conscious lady bosses about manifesting love and abundance the smart feminine way.  Thanks so much for learning, loving, and listening and I can’t wait to read the comments below–feel free to share anything that you know about this upcoming new moon that I missed, or what you learned, or just say hey!

See you Friday! Kisses. Namaste 🙂

Dr. Amanda Noelle, The Mystical Matchmaker for Badass Lady Bosses.  

PS: Register here and invite a sister friend!: 

PPS: Watch the video in case you missed it above!

NEW MOON IN PISCES MARCH 17, 2018: 4 Things You Need To Know!


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