New Moon in Aries April 4

New Moon in Aries April 4

Welcome New Moonifestor!

This New Moon in Aries video is for you if you are a badass spiritual bachelorette or boss babe who runs her business on bliss, and runs her Twin Flame partnership like a well oiled love machine… Now that’s, what I call ‘blissness!’

 If you’re ready to manifest love with optimal levels of abundance, bliss, and ease, hang out for the 7 things you need to know for a powerful new moon in Aries coming up on April 4th. I’ll also give you some Blissness Energy Updates for you badass boss babes, followed by Twin Flame Energy Updates for you Badass Bachelorettes and Twinsies.

The first thing you need to know about this new moon is: The Aries New Moon 2019 offers wealth, happiness and success due to the the star Alpheratz.

The second thing you need to know about this new moon is: But the square to Saturn means you have to fully show up, do the work, and prove to the Universe how badly you want your success and happiness. Sitting back and using the Law of Attraction just won’t do, and those who practice this “wishful thinking,” will only dig themselves into deeper debt and disappointment.

The third thing you need to know about this new moon is: this lunation with the moon conjunct Alpheratz will help you identify any fears, self-doubts, heartbreaks, or any old running blueprints that act as TFLBS (Twin Flame Love Blocks) blocking your Twin Flame Union.

The fourth thing you need to know about this new moon is: the new moon will help you identify any fears, self-doubts, heartbreaks, or any old-running blueprints that impede your business and financial growth, and general professional success. This could feel uncomfortable, as facing fears brings up fear, but keep reminding yourself to NOT let the fears stop you. People who succumb to their fear remain prisoners, and priestesses face their fears with the Warrior Goddess archetype of Aries which is Aphrodite Areia. Let the Warrior Goddess of Love in you slay fears with her love sword and never give up because Amor Vincit Omnia–love conquers all!

The fifth thing you need to know about this new moon is: the star Alpheratz bestows a certain harmonizing quality, which attracts positive relationships and perhaps even popularity and fame. This popularity and being in the spotlight however can come and go, so remain unattached and stay connected to yourself.

The sixth thing you need to know about this new moon is: The Constellation Andromeda offers integrity, honor, virtue, and dignity. It could also purge out some old fears from your past, including childhood wounds. So if your father cheated on your mother, you could be tuning into some abandonment pain; there could be some jealousy, cheater habits in yourself or your partner, or insecurities could just generally come up in your relationships. However, Andromeda can also mend marriages, heal adultery, and connect the love between the Flames, so this is an opportune time for healing these old wounds.

The seventh thing you need to know about this new moon is: due to new moon Asteroid Vibilia, expect to travel. This could be actual travel, especially big trips or frequent ongoing trips you may take. Or, it could signify astral travel in dream time, meditation, or general soul growth, self-love, and spritual ascension.


OK so goddess here are the Bli$$ness energy updates:

Now is the time to face your demons in your career and soul purpose. Turn on the lights in that creepy basement and see what’s going on. Are you procrastinating at doing a certain task? Are you afraid of speaking on stage or writing your book? Dive into the pain at this time by showing up and doing the work. The goal in this moment isn’t (at least at first) to get-er-done, but instead to notice what is stopping you.

Feel to heal, do your best to feel in your body, nervous system, and energy field what discomfort is coming up for you. Don’t worry if this is super intense, just feel it. Don’t fix it… Notice what shape it takes. What color. What temperature. Do you feel it in your throat or in your solar plexus.  

Before analyzing or changing anything, just sit with it. Hold it. Observe it. So many people don’t get to this place and they are in a state of constant dissociation which means they cannot fully access their power, and so they get stuck in old wounds that show up as procrastination, perfectionism, performance-anxiety, and it sucks the fun out of their funds and the bliss out of their blissness!

It’s also an ideal time to set your goals, as the New Moon is all about planting new seeds and MOONifesting miracles. I am excited to invite you to our complimentary live new moon cacao ceremony happening on 4/4/19 on Zoom video.

Together in sisterhood we set our goals, sip cacao together, and the results are truly miraculous…Register using the link I’ve popped into the description box. It’s free, and BYO cacao for best results!

Twin Flame Energy Updates:

This is the perfect time to dive in deep to excavate your Sacred Wound–that is, the biggest wound that you’ve been carrying from your childhood, and likely your ancestors have been carrying something similar. It’s a wound that impacts every area of our lives negatively until we heal it, and positively once it’s healed.

The Sacred Wound could also likely be connected to your past lives, but the beauty of it is that the Sacred Wound when discovered and healed becomes a source of incredible power and love. It’s actually the essence of our soul in the form of a wound.

We cannot fall into self-love and thus attract our Twin Flame, our other-soul-half, until we integrate the Sacred Wound and use it as a source of fuel. This integration requires introspection, healing, and oftentimes getting help from a guide, counselor, or trusted neutral Soul Family member so we can undo the blindfolds keeping us stuck in our love blindspots.

One of the most beautiful things I see about gathering in sister circles is that we can finally unveil our truest selves, possibly for the first time. That is what is required for us to feel safe to unveil ourselves in front of our other half, our closest (and sometimes most intense) mirror.

You weren’t born into this world alone, and you’re not meant to walk the Twin Flame path alone. When we’re brought into this life, we have parents, community, and ideally the proper guidance and tribe to help us thrive as children.

Unfortunately, if we are lacking the right tribe, it’s hard to heal the inner child, empower our adult, and be our best. That’s why it’s so important to go out and seek a safe tribe who sees you, as you deserve the success and healing you’ll receive from it; the world deserves your light and love too!

Alright sister, it’s been my pleasure assisting you on this journey, thank you for being with me for this new moon in Aries update. If you liked this video please gently pressing that thumbs up like button and subscribe …

Oh, and most importantly please join our tribe and I for the Twin Flame and blissness activating New Moon ceremony happening LIVE on April 4th, it’s going to be incredible and it’s 100 percent FREE!

 Click the link below to register. And I’ll see you soon 🙂

Much love! Namaste, Namastgo

2019 January 5, Capricorn New Moon Solar Eclipse

2019 January 5, Capricorn New Moon Solar Eclipse

Welcome New Moonifestor!

So this blog and video are for you today because you are a badass spiritual bachelorette or boss babe who runs her business on bliss, and runs her Twin Flame partnership like a well-oiled love machine…

Now that’s, what I call ‘blissness!’

Ok, so you may have heard that we have two eclipses this month, and that the January Eclipses will set the tone of the year.

So if you’re ready to manifest abundance with optimal levels of love, pleasure, and ease, listen to this astrology and energy forecast in full to prepare for the first eclipse on the upcoming powerful New Moon in Capricorn with partial Solar Eclipse, which is at 15 degrees in Capricorn coming up on January 5th.

First I’ll share the general astrology so you can get prepared, then I’ll dive into the Blissness Energy Updates for us badass boss babes, and I’ll wrap up with a  juicy Twin Flame Energy Report so you Twinsies can maximize your connection and pleasure this month!

General Astrology:

FINALLY, the general astrology is positive due to the harmonious fixed star Vega in its alignment. Thank you goddess! I know, it’s been a little rough over the past few months.  

Vega is a massive pale blue star in the Lyra Constellation and has a positive, joyful, creative, and magical influence. Wahoo!

This lunation is a great time to set and write down your goals…So if you missed us at the free New Year goal-setting workshop I led yesterday, then make sure to do some goal setting on your own this week.

Before we start in, what I’d say is perhaps is most important about January 5th is that we are not just getting a new moon, this is a partial solar eclipse. We have three periods of Eclipses this year, the first in January, the next in July, and the last in December.

A solar eclipse is so powerful because the Moon darkens the Sun and its influence about 6 months, whereas a moon’s effect lasts only 28 days! Eclipses are always influential as they often deliver transformation, and set our lives in a new direction. Eclipses can also destined events, so fingers crossed child that you have some good karma sister!

This partial eclipse sits between Saturn and Pluto which has some negative energy attached to it, but because it’s sextile to Neptune and is influenced by Vega, this eclipse will have a balanced and overall positive and light feel.

The first trimester of this year will have a high energy feel, and we’ll be guided to move around, take action and I know Jack and I are in the midst of selling our belongings, moving to Bali, and I’m hoping that this sexy thing will put a baby in my belly soon. What are the big changes and moves you’re seeing flow from your life? Post in the comments below, we’d love your updates!

During the first three months of 2019, you might feel pulled to a new path that aligns with your power. Take action and listen to your gut. Another quick mention is that 2019 is a number 3 year and from a numerology perspective, this is all about self-expression. Are you ready to express yourself in every aspect of your life?

The Solar Eclipse January 2019 astrology will harmonize with the energy we’ll be experiencing during the January 21 Lunar Eclipse Blood Moon. 

Get ready, we’re going to have 3 blood moons in a row over January, February, and the last one finishes up on Spring Equinox, which is where we’ll be doing a Twin Flame Activation on a Sacred Site in Bali at Mt Batur.

Before I share the Blissness and Twin Flame Energy  Updates, I wanted to share about where we (Jack, our Twin Flame Tribe, and I) will be on the 3rd blood moon.

I’m excited to be running my 5th Bali Retreat for committed divine feminine goddesses of love who are ready to align with their feminine power and their Twin Flames.

It’s happening March 17-24 in Ubud, Bali and the final of three blood moons on March 18 is the day we’ll do a ceremony from the hot springs. Mt. Batur and Lake Batur are sacred to Dewi Danu, the Goddess of the Lake who is regarded as the provider of irrigation water in the form of bubbling natural springs. In times where 660 million humans are missing clean water, and our water systems are getting clogged with things we don’t want, this women’s gathering is for women who are not only ready to manifest her Twin Flame, but also work as a water bearer and heal the planet’s womb.  

Retreat Pray Love will speak to you if you’re ready to:

  • Awaken the sacred waters of the earth, as a high priestess
  • Swiftly attract and keep your Twin Flame, ultimate beloved, the pleasurable way
  • Tap into your Divine Feminine energy, without being too open or vulnerable
  • Awaken your Sacred Sexuality so you can become naturally magnetic to your beloved and
  • Become more magnetic to anything you wish to attract–such as high-paying Soulmate Clients, opportunity, and synchronicity!
  • The retreat is designed to help you reveal your full feminine power in a safe and sacred space
  • You’ll get to participate in deep healing work in a tribe of badass single spiritual women for 7 full days
  • This retreat is also for women who are ready to celebrate and rebirth in body mind and spirit with organic vegetarian food, massages, raw chocolate, spa and holy water bathing rituals, and relax in a beautiful villa and tropical paradise setting, among smell the scent of Bali flowers, incense, and essential oils!

Imagine if you were on the journey with us…Just listening to this can be a healing activation.  

In Bali we will…

  • Stay in Ubud, the setting of Eat Pray Love, for 7 nights and days, just 1 hour from the Bali airport (Denpasar)
  • Do Twin Flame activations, psychic meditations, Divine Feminine readings, channeling, a self-marriage ceremony, yoni healing, womb clearing rituals, spa self-love pampering, designing our own self-marriage rings, and making a deep prayer to heal ourselves and Mother Earth!
  • Relax and stay at a magical Balinese retreat equipped with a private pool, healthy food options, yoga deck, massage tables, and a private villa
  • Attend juicy workshops on self-love, Twin Flame Love, Sacred Sexualilty,  Pussy Power, galactic healing, channeling, meditation, goddess beauty secrets, tantra, and abundance attraction!
  • Drink activated crystalized spring water for the 6 days to help realign your aura’s crystalline field
  • Eat some of the most delicious, erotic, healthy, abundant organic food that will stimulate your senses
  • Body-image makeovers and seductive goddess photo shoots in rice paddies, on beach, and by the pool
  • Reunite with soul-family sisters for some dancing, healing, praying, anointing, adoring, accessorizing, creating, and giggling
  • Group goddess spa excursion
  • Self-marriage ritual and ring making with Pelé Jewelry
  • Take a day trip to the vulva-cano, the magical volcano of Mt. Batur and swim at a hot springs

I’ll be sharing a lot more details about this deep healing retreat in the New Moon Ceremony happening on January 5th.  

Click the link to register for our Bali retreat at our early bird rate.


Blissness is a term I invented for badass boss babes who refuse to do business in a boxy, boring ho hum busy-ness way. You prefer to do blissness from your highest pleasure and divine flow.

Good news is that at this lunation, the biggest influence as I’ve mentioned is Vega. Vega is a positive star for the most part.

Vega is supposed to give artistic talents, but it also has some detrimental effects. If you’re a superstar in your work this could be a great time to bring more creativity into your work. But if you’re all creativity and no structure, Vega could derail your flow, so now would be a good time to speak to a business coach, hire an organizer, or put some structures in place for your business. Or, you may serve as that structure and do really well as a mentor or a guide to those who need the more masculine grounding energies this month.

Vega can however make people critical, abrupt, reserved and unpopular. So if you’re a boss lady with a bit of a rough edge, you might do your best to take some breaks to breathe and lighten up this month. The solar eclipse conjunct fixed star Vega is also a good omen for starting or expanding a business.

Saturn sextile Neptune brings financial gain from spiritual pursuits. Lightworkers who take action with a solid and sensible approach should expect financial success. Saturn provides discipline and determination to fulfill our duties and obligations, so start with a to-do list and get cracking on the things your business needs to grow, stabilize, and bliss out! Then take action.



This lunation is coupled with a double-hit of cosmic energy due to the the partial solar eclipse, so it’s the perfect time for some powerful New Year’s goal-setting in love and relationships!

Capricorn’s lunar energy is about deepening the love for the one you’re with, so with the mountain goat energy of Cap, it could be a good time to go on a mountain getaway weekend with your lover, or at least go for a grounding hike together.

If you’re single, you could do it as a self-love retreat or hike.

Since it’s a new moon in Capricorn, here’s what you might want to bring to the FREE upcoming new moon ceremony happening on January 5th (linked in the description box below)

  • Elemental energy: Earth – you may wish to bring a pot of dirt with seeds to plant for the new year.
  • Hues: wear strong earthy colors, orange-reds, grays and browns
  • Gemstones: garnet, agate, amber, and black onyx
  • Flowers: pansy, orchids (my favorite!), carnation, cyclamen, geranium
  • Essential Oils to bring: tea tree, ginger, lavender, rosemary, lemon, Eucalyptus, chamomile, patchouli, sandalwood, to name a few!

Lastly, you’ll likely notice greater empathy and even telepathy–true receptivity in your relationships that could bring deeper understanding that goes beyond words.

Group activities and spiritual meditations will inspire you to reach a greater level of pleasure, understanding, and fulfillment. We’ll be doing a Capricorn moon activation on the night of January 5th, so if you feel called to awaken your 2019 with awesome lady lunar vibes then click here to attend.

This lunation with partial eclipse is a good time to express your more caring and vulnerable side by serving others and coming with an open-heart. This will also likely increase your self-esteem, allow your ego to fall away some more, and increase overall joy and satisfaction.

Alright sister, it’s been my pleasure assisting you in this new moon in Capricorn update. If you liked the YouTube video please consider subscribing to our channel by gently pressing the like button and subscribing here…

Oh, and please join me for Twin Flame New Moon ceremony on Jan. 5th, it’s going to be awesome!

Much love! Namaste, Namast-go!

Dr Amanda