12/12 TWIN FLAME ENERGY UPDATE! December 12 Mercury in Sagittarius 

Greetings Beloved, we’re Twin Flames Amanda and Jack here to deliver this special Twin Flame Energy Update and Channeling. We release content-rich videos around twice weekly so you can accelerate your Twin Flame Awakening, Ascension journey, and bring your life purpose to earth. Stay on until the end of this video for a potent 12/12 Twin Flame Channeling!

Today is 12/12 here, and numbers hold meaning. The 12/12 activation is about moving your life forward in a direction that you didn’t expect, and the blessings are potent! Another meaning of 1212: keep a positive state of mind.

Another meaning of 12 12, or seeing 12:12, is a reminder to be aware of your thoughts and keep a positive state of mind.

Though Mercury retrograde is officially over (it ended just before this last new moon), the shadow period lingers with us until around Xmas eve…

And while the Mercury energy isn’t done for this year yet, it actually holds a few important gifts for us, if we choose to receive them.


As of this Thursday, December 12, 2018 Mercury will move from close-minded Scorpio to the communicative and adventurous Sagittarius.

If you’ve been craving a little more communication (and a little less guesswork) now is the time to start having deeper conversations.

It’s time for the feminine to cut to the chase… using less words and expressing what’s truly underneath the surface with clarity. It’s time to ask for what she wants, even if it risks hearing a no, or doing the deeper healing when she feels rejected.

It’s time for the masculine to express what’s on his heart, and learn to become more vulnerable as a speaker, communicator, and lover.

Before the 12th when Mercury is in Scorpio, talk needs to be deep, not cheap  — so don’t waste your time on gossip, beating around the bush, or small talk.

Divine Feminines should get straight to the point, while we Divine Masculines may want to romance you, write you our poetry, putting our hearts on our sleeves…As well as using conscious communication to clear up any drama that may surface during this Mercury shadow period leading up to the 24th.

Also, when Mercury makes this move on the 12th, you may be reminded of past projects that took up mental space, which you put on pause (like that training program you signed up for that you fell behind on, the Audible books you have piling up in your library, or you may finally feel the tug to recommit to your soul purpose mission and sign up for that year-long program.

This could be be a great time to declutter your wardrobe or overall belongings as what we carry carries energy, and outdated objects and mementos in our space can even delay our Twin Flame Union and DNA activation shifts.

Also, if you’re single, this chapter with Mercury in Sagittarius could be a great time to get out there and date new people.

If you’ve been attached to someone you thought was your ultimate beloved, but they’re playing hot and cold, the sign of the Archer (which is Sagittarius) may be able to help in starting anew. He is is all about learning new things, connecting on higher levels, meeting new people, and going on adventures…

So you may even feel like flirting, or being more outgoing and playful with that sexy new stranger who shows up, whereas in the past you may have had a wall up.

You may be more carefree now to share the real you, and express what you’re truly seeking, as well as listen to him or her, and fully be present to take in their information. This is a great time to meet all kinds of people while remaining unattached…you never know where it will lead, so don’t compare them to your ex or the person you think is Mr. Right n’ perfect. Cuz all of our shit stinks and so make sure you give each human being or date a chance, or at least remain open in your heart with kindness and compassion.

However it goes, you’ll feel ready for 2019 and reawakened to the possibilities that abound. Know that though the shadow period lasts up until Christmas, Mercury will remain steady in Sagittarius until January, so you’ll have time to play and explore with this alignment, adventure, and deepen your connections and communications!

Speaking of communications, what is one thing you’re ready to express or embody in your love life, even if it scares you? Post in the comments below now.

As the Twin Flame Matchmakers, we bow to you and salute you here; thank you for joining us on the ride to becoming an awakened Twin Flame bride or groom) as part of our tribe. We look forward to reading your comments below and do our best to respond to each one if we can. Much love and light!

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[special Twin Flame channeling]


Namaste, namastGO

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