Twin Flame Tantra is the sacred practice of aligning your 11 Twin Flame Chakras with your Higher Self in partnership with that of your Twin Flame.

Your Twin Flame shares the same Higher Self energies. You converge as one soul in the Higher Dimensions, and here on Earth you possess a male and female aspect.

Truly, each partner within him or herself possesses his or her own male and female aspect as well, for we live in mirrors within mirrors.

Twin Flame Tantra is a sacred practice that incorporates sensuality, the spirit, sacred sexuality, meditation, conscious relating, compassionate communication, energy healing, and divine partnership.

twin flame tantraThe main benefits of studying Twin Flame Tantra are:

  • A profound understanding of the Divine Masculine and Feminine flow and co-creation between Father Sky and Mother Earth.
  • An integration of the yin and yang energies within your own personality.
  • More love and balance in inner and outer relationships.
  • Deep sense of self-worth, empowerment, and confidence so you can be on soul purpose.
  • Increased cognizance of the natural flow and cycles of your body, aura, and the Earth’s energetic fields surrounding us.
  • A deep connection with your I AM Self, God/dess, the Universe
  • It is a tool for transformation in your Twin Flame Union for yourself, your partner, and the planet.

May Twin Flame Tantra provide your liberation from illusions, old patterns from the past, and of separation and illusions. Let tantra bring you love, abundance, and everything your heart desires!