Twin Flame Trends 2014

Greetings Twin Flame Lovers! What’s the Twin Flame forecast in the stars for 2014 in the collective? As a Twin Flame Matchmaker, I like to inspire people with the upcoming trends that I’m seeing in the year ahead. So I’ve decided to create a 2014 blog post in attempt to address this question.

2012 was termed The Year of Twin Flame Love, 2013 was an integration of the new-found frequencies, and 2014 is a further step in the right direction. In 2013, we saw the recently arrived wave of Divine Love sweep the planet begin to integrate into our culture (Brad and Angelina have shockingly begin to express Twin Flame traits), political figures (the Obamas), and in general the Divine Feminine is rising around the world and women are taking back their power on all levels. Financial, spiritual, and in Divine Feminine Love! Twin Flame Love is becoming the New Paradigm relationship as the Divine Feminine is taking the throne again after 5,000 years.

Five Twin Flame Trends to Be Noticed in 2014

twin flame 2014

1. Women are becoming more self-loving, which is changing the scene for relationships and dating. There will be more single women, but the women in relationships will be much happier.

The amount of education, income, self-employment, and general confidence in women has risen greatly over the past several few years, which has come to a summit.  Women are now more confident and in their power than ever, setting new standards for themselves and for their relationships. We are taking less sh*t, and creating more positive Shift through self-love, which is the key to a Twin Flame relationship and any great relationship! Though we still have old scars and fears, we are in a sense ‘fearlessly’ cutting through all the BS (belief systems of old).

Women are becoming smarter in their relationship choices, and are becoming choosier. We’re raising the bar for ourselves, thank goodness, and are not settling-for-less relationships.  We High-Healed Priestesses are more stable in our emotions, our soul-purpose based businesses, our finances, and feel more free to live life as we please.

While in the past, we would sacrifice everything for a marriage or a relationship, now we women are giving everything we need to ourselves–treating ourselves like goddesses–in order to attract the relationship they deserve. One of the pitfalls of this is that there may be a delay in Twin Flame attraction for some women who must spend some time single, self-healing, and also just enjoying and celebrating life.

One of the fallbacks that we’re seeing is that there are more single women who are taking a break from dating and long-term relationships to focus on other things.  This is a temporary phase and will change in the near future. While many will meet their Twin Flames in 2014, for many, it will be a year of Twin Flame preparation.

divine feminine waterThe Divine Feminine has risen and it’s an exciting time on the planet for women and for planetary healers in general. There’s no need to rush a Twin Flame Reunion in 2014. It will happen in divine timing. Frustration, impatience, and obsession may bother some, but don’t worry, it will pass and until then you’ll be busy having fun living in and creating the New World Golden Era. It’s not a problem!

2. Men are reassessing their old roles and are becoming more conscious about their hearts

As I have said, women are tuning into deep self-love. In turn, co-actively, men are stepping up as conscious relationship partners, and are becoming more in tune with their Divine Feminine side, as well as with their Divine Masculine counterpart.  Suddenly, Men around the globe are becoming great potential conscious partners who are ready to attract their Twin Flame with open hearts.

twin flame kissSpiritual women around the world have been working long and hard at healing themselves, clearing ancestral programs, and abuse energy brought on through the False Patriarchy. These masses of women have done a great deal of deep self-healing, which has been aligned with and through the Divine Feminine.  This in turn is awakening the Divine Masculine through men worldwide, and has in a sense brought into form “The New Age Man.”

While we women have been piling through at full-speed with our own spiritual seeking and self-healing (and at times feeling lost, alone, and stuck!) we have been creating a new consciousness accessible to men. (And men for us.) Yes, women have awoken our Twin Flame counterparts! Remember in the past when most consciousness workshops and spiritual retreats were attended by women? And now the gender balance is getting closer to 50:50 in many places. We are seeing more and more workshops for men, and men are showing up with their Patriarchal guards down, with a more gentle Divine Masculine demeanor that is harmonized with the inner Feminine.  Men are becoming good communicators, caregivers, lovers, and fathers.

Gone are the days of women slaving in the kitchen, sacrificing their voice, and giving themselves away to no end as martyrs.  Enter the days of wonderful partnerships with men who explore life consciously, who change diapers, who cry, give foot massages, and even good lovin’ after attending a tantra workshop!  Yes, we are entering the Golden Era with the New Age Man on the rise, and the results are shiny n’ bright for us lucky ladies who dare ask for what we’re worth receiving.

3. Conscious relationships are becoming the norm, whereas in the past, relationships were used as a source of financial, emotional, and familial stability.

Men and women together are making new waves and are stepping into what is termed a “conscious relationship” or spiritually-based relationship.  This is a very exciting for love for Venus energies (the Goddess of Love and the planet of love) is merging with Earth Consciousness.  We are operating from the higher, more spiritual chakras, rather than just the bottom three related to survival, sex, and power.

twin flame 2014Twin Flame relationships will become more aligned withe the sexual energies that link through the crown chakra and heart 2014.  While in general, Twin Flames come together through all seven chakras, they are most linked at the heart.

The Twin Flame Union has been relatively rare in its physical form on the planet until recently, humans are still “getting the hang” of Twin Flame Love.  Because of this newness, the Twin Flame Union is very exciting, sacred, and raw and it can be almost all-consuming at first. There will be many people who come together with their Twin Flame for the first time in many lifetimes in 2014, and this year, many of the connections will come from raw Divine Feminine-Masculine Sacred Sexual energy exchange.

4. More and more people are attracting their Twin Flame rather than a soulmate.

Within the Twin Flame community (a group of people I’d describe as a tribe of conscious individuals/lightworkers who have been studying the Twin Flame concept over the last few decades), there has been a lot of talk about who can and cannot attract their Twin Flame.  Many spiritual experts purport that most of us will not be able to reunite with our Twin Flame in this lifetime. I disagree with this.  While I do agree that the majority of people will not be in the Twin Flame Union, many of us will. While people who are not on a path of consciousness will find themselves with a karmic soulmate who is not the Twin Flame, those who are willing to commit to a path of Ascension/consciousness can now attract their Twin Flame with relative ease.

twin flame affirmationsThe number of Twin Flame couples is indeed on the rise, and there are more and more accounts of magical Twin Flame reunion stories. In many cases (as with many of my clients), the Twin Flame Unions happen at lightening speed, where the couple will meet, have instant recognition, and marry within a short time. I have noticed even that Twin Flame energy is starting to appear in the mainstream consciousness, even in places like Hollywood, television, and media. Famous Twin Flame couples like Sarah Jessica Parker & Matthew Broderick, Portia de Rossi & Ellen DeGeneres, and Danny Devito & Rhea Perlman are inspiring the world with their Divine Partnership energies.

5. Drumroll please…Higher Self orgasms will start to heal pollution on Gaia

twin flame reunion In 2014, more and more people are awakening to the Twin Flame energetic union that a the ignited electrical frequency coming through the chakras and the kundalini lines.  Click the link for a sweet video on Twin Flame kundalini energy and meditation.  Bliss is rising from Gaia up to the Cosmos and back down, up and down our spines in waves and lines, like both the S and the I, which makes ISIS, or Goddess Isis, and also the dollar sign ($)…There is a deep healing that will happen on Gaia’s grid that will harmonize much ancient pain and energy stored there in the form of ‘abuse energies.’ Twin Flame couples are starting to transmute this energy and in their love making will begin to clear the Fukushima disaster and oceanic pollution.

To abundance, love, orgasms, kundalini rising, Twin Flame cosmic tantric connections here on earth. Happy 2014!

Dr Amanda Noelle



Dr. Amanda Noelle is the Twin Flame Matchmaker helping High-Healed Priestesses attract their Twin Flames at light speed while building successful 6-figure businesses.

Twin Flame Trends 2014

4 thoughts on “Twin Flame Trends 2014

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  • April 26, 2014 at 7:03 am

    Ya know I love when these quacks come out and talk about twin flame’s and twin flame reunions…how come no one ever talks about the twin flame utter and complete failures? Like John Nash and Alicia de larde? Let me tell you when I connected with my twin it was a cosmic f*@king sh¢t show. Everyone always talks about these positive experiences but no one mentions Qliphoth. Or how completely and utterly bizarre your life can become or the universal mindf*©k that can occur…and lemme tell you there will be no reunion between me and my twin in this lifetime. I just think its funny when every site that talks about twin flame reunions makes it out to be this beautiful loving experience when in reality it can be equally the opposite of love. ” from the darkness of futures past the magician longs to see, one chants out between two worlds. Fire walk with me” yeah the magicians third eye sure did open….and quite frankly I’m here to change the game

  • October 10, 2014 at 6:41 am

    I agree, I feel like a train wreck. My twin flame decided to have a girl friend. Despite the amazing energy and feeling of whole with me. All that meditation, and candles clearing out the past went out the window. Yea sure, I cleared his path right to another female. Perfect.
    I’d be shocked if we would reunite in this lifetime

    • October 10, 2014 at 11:15 pm

      It sounds like this might be a Twin Flame Counterfeit who had the gold sparkling energy but not the grounded energy of commitment. Where are you not committing to yourself or your soul purpose or your spiritual gifts? These commitments will attract your True Twin Flame <3. Much love and compassion, on 10/10, Amanda


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