Twin Flame Runner and Chaser: How to End the Twin Flame Runner Dynamics

What if a Twin Flame runner, or a Twin Flame Counterfeit, as I call it, keeps running in and out of your life or just your mind, and it drives you crazy? How can we avoid such intense Twin Flame runner and chaser dynamics, so that we can ground true Twin Flame Love?

You know if you’ve got a Twin Flame Counterfeit/runner if:

  • He/she brings up all of your wounding – from your childhood, past lives, and deep unconscious blueprints
  • You start to awaken to unconditional love, and then when the person leaves, it feels like it’s gone (but it’s really not! I promise…)
  • You have suicidal thoughts after they leave you, and you feel like your soul purpose is to be with them always and NOW (which it’s not, I promise! If it were, you’d be with them…)
  • You feel like you’re off your orbit and you’ll never get it back
  • You feel like you’re holding the pain of the entire universe inside of you; particularly, the abandonment of the Divine Feminine by the Divine Masculine at the beginning of this universe’s timeline
  • Your runner abandoning you triggers you to feel a deep longing to go back to the past, like the future will never be the same, because something terrible has happened, a loss so deep it’s unrepairable

A Twin Flame Counterfeit comes into your life with all of the signs of the true Twin Flame, but there is something not quite right. A trauma occurs, and there is a blending of deep true divine love and an ancient heartache. A Twin Flame runner and chaser dynamic is an emotionally enervating and dysfunctional relationship dynamic that comes out of an unhealed trauma or wound in both partners.

What is Twin Flame Love?

People often misunderstand Twin Flame Love. They think that when they experience it for the first time, that it has to be the source that mattered. That that Joe or Jane was their Twin Flame because it was the first person to help her/him active the Twin Flame frequencies within. This is not the case.

Twin Flame Love energies are within all of us, and most of us have a lot of clearing to do to activate, reclaim, and heal our self-love and Twin Flame Love in order to attract the other half of our soul, our Twin Flame reincarnation.

Twin Flame runners and chasers serve a soul purpose

To end Twin Flame runner pain, we have to understand the purpose for them coming into our lives. We have to own that we are not victims, but we are healing an ancient pain that needs clearing pronto for our soul purpose mission and true Twin Flame to come in.

Often times Twin Flame runners are here simply to awaken your soul’s ancient love briefly, like a match igniting a candle, and then it blows out. But the candle stays lit, despite the fact that they are gone. It can be like a painful birthing process, where a new life is born, but there’s a descension happening in occurrence with your soul’s ascension, simultaneously. There is much soul growth and sometimes it can be exquisitely painful…Hang in there!

Are you ready to see the divine truth?

Twin Flame runners activate divine truth at the same time they illuminate lies and deception. You must master this dear child of God/dess! You are here to master of decoding the illusion of love so that you can step into the deepest truest unconditional, Divine Love. Be not afraid, you and your tiny human self will lick her wounds; you will heal, and you will be closer to the truth and to God/dess than you have ever been. You will become him/her indeed! This is the Twin Flame initiation, and it is not for the faint of heart.

Twin Flame chasers pine after you or you for them because the wound is so painful that you have unearthed, it’s a sacred wound held in the Divine Feminine within the collective. As the Divine Feminine Rising occurs, we must clear clear clear the old abuse and abandonment wounds within.  We restore Her within us as we cleanse the pain. There is no love outside of you. You are love. Yet it is normal to want to run and chase after an illusion of love.  This is the core mistake of the Twin Flame runner and chaser dynamic.

How do you know the difference between true Twin Flame Love, and a TFC?

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As a Twin Flame Matchmaker, people are always asking me, Amanda, How do I know if someone is my Twin Flame? And I always answer that you know when you know, and I highly recommend not rushing it. If it’s real and eternal and infinite, there’s nothing you could ever do to destroy it or push them away. Unless part of you wants to!

If you’re consulting psychics, oracles, daisies (he loves me, he loves me not…), then you are not yet living in a Twin Flame relationship. An adult Twin Flame relationship takes two whole balanced adult and committed people who are not living in a fantasy land where daisies predict the future. You and your Twin Flame don’t leave it up to the gods to take care of you, you control your destiny and you’re not waiting around for someone to come save you or be saving someone else.

Twin Flames allow each other to find each other and stay together when they’re ready.  If you’re struggling and it’s not working and not in the flow, take time apart and heal yourself. Let go. Surrender the relationship. If it’s the real deal, s/he will come back.  But you have to learn to let go and let God/dess and release the relationship that you’re clenching your teeth about.

If you haven’t seen my video about healing from Twin Flame Separation, you can do so HERE:

Twin Flame runners are here to awaken the ancient Twin Flame energies and clear past life karma

what to do if your twin flame runs

There may be bleed-throughs from many past lifetimes in which you and your Twin Flame Counterfeit were together and something painful happened that you still need to resolve. Perhaps it was a death, a betrayal, a judgement, or an abandonment, and you are here to complete that karmic soulmate relationship. Or, maybe you were connected to some gift together in a lifetime that needs healing. For instance, maybe you were a healer, a shaman, an high priestess and your Twin Flame energies got compromised when you were burnt at the stake and traumatized. Often times, I find my clients who have very strong karmic pulls towards so-called Twin Flames later on find out that they were madly in love because of a past life intense energy, and not a good one!

My Twin Flame Counterfeit karma tale

My somewhat embarrassing Twin Flame Counterfeit (TFC) story is that I was killed in a past life in New England for being a metaphysical practitioner, and my TFC and I both died together in that lifetime. In this lifetime, we had a similar karmic bleed-through and attracted a horrid situation which involved persecution, financial loss, and a death-like out of body experience which got me arrested and traumatized.

I was madly in love with my TFC and was certain that he was my Twin Flame, and I couldn’t imagine letting him go. It felt like a real death. Three years passed and through much healing and releasing work, I let him go and could finally move on.

But I was stuck in a crazy loop for nearly three years that I couldn’t get out of and was convinced he was the one for me! This is an example of how your so-called Twin Flame may be a TFC that has a deep karmic tie that you are here to clear and bring to the Light.  That’s what Twin Flame runners and chases are for!

Dr Amanda Noelle



PS: Watch the Twin Flame Separation video here!

Dr. Amanda Noelle is a Twin Flame Matchmaker helping single spiritual women swiftly attract their Twin Flames. She is the founder of Aphrodite University, the first online Divine Feminine university for High-Healed Priestesses.

Twin Flame Runner and Chaser: How to End the Twin Flame Runner Dynamics

2 thoughts on “Twin Flame Runner and Chaser: How to End the Twin Flame Runner Dynamics

  • November 22, 2016 at 9:22 pm

    Hello Amanda,

    I apologize for the vent in advance, but I’m just so confused. The man that I had believed to be my twin flame I am coming to yhe realization may have been my counterfeit twin all along. I have been feeling this way for months and reading up on this subject has only solidified that thought. In the midst of confusion I have found myself thinking more clearly and looking at the nature of things for what they were. My ex “twin flame” would only come to reconnect when his life had hit a rough patch, he would stay however long: A couple months, a year and when he was back to his old self, he’d disappear without a trance with a complete disregard for the devastation and confusion he would leave behind. I had felt deep down that I was being used as a pick me up, but I was so caught up in the twin flame fantasy, that I didn’t want to believe it wasn’t the real deal. The last time he did this to me was a year ago, acknowledging my existence was asking too much, let alone admitting to any wrong doing. It took some months of grieving yet again, debating my self worth because, I love him so deeply and unconditionally that somehow even on a basic human level, hurting me was nothing to him. With some painful growth, I have disconnected from him, I still love him deeply, but he doesn’t serve any purpose in my life other than to hinder me. Oddly enough, when I felt this disconnected, he initiated contact with me, but I readily distanced myself from him and wished him the best.

    The thing is just before this disconnect, I came across this man on an online forum. I was drawn to him immediately, he had initiated contact with me and we started private messaging each other.. The connection is similar to that of with my ex except different. I felt a draw to my ex all the same, but the intensity was something that slowly built. With this man, It was instant, magnetic and electric. He had deleted his account after a couple of days of talking and I deleted mine a couple months later. I had decided to rejoin after a couple months, with being sick and extreme boredom as my motivation. Yet again, I find myself drawn to a particular user, it felt exactly like him, I initiated contact this time and we started talking. Instant connection, intense, magnetic and electric, after a couple of weeks it came to light that he was the man I had connected with before and I the woman he had. We have a lot of sexual attraction, from the very beginning during our first interactions and before we knew what the other looked like. I have this intense need to merge sexually and spiritually. He tried to distance himself for me, he had told me since we started talking again that he was working on himself and isn’t where he wants or needs to be for a relationship. Ironically, I am in the same exact place in my life, though love with be great, I’m just not ready for it yet. So we decided to work on friendship, the problem being that the connection is much stronger than anticipated. Again, the urge to merge is strong, it’s not just a sexual desire, but also trying to resist the desire to be affectionate and loving as well. So, he backed off again, and doesn’t want to speak. He doesn’t want to hurt me, nor I him. Timing being the elephant in the room and we both know we aren’t ready and don’t want to hurt each other in the process of trying to make something happen, no matter how naturally it comes. Its only been a couple of weeks since he cut contact with me and I thinking of him much more than I care to admit. He and I feel natural. and despite all that, part of me is concerned that He isn’t my twin just like my ex. I had already wasted so many years hanging on to one person, that I don’t want to do it again.. I find myself trying to rationalize and convince myself, I’m mistaken and living in a fools paradise for entertaining the idea again. I had given up on believing in the twin flame concept while healing from my first love and now I’ve met someone that not only makes me question myself again, but more than challenges the connection with my ex and makes him look like a warm up exercise. I’m in a spiritual limbo of sorts and as clear as things have become, they have also become just as confusing. We are only a few hours drive apart, and the deciding factor remains the timing in our lives.

    • April 20, 2017 at 8:08 pm

      There is no urgency to find answers, is the “answer” I am getting for you. Mainly, I feel from the energy of your post that you are really ready to become unstoppable in your Pussy Power (self-love, feminine energy, and flow) AND not settle for less. You got this!