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Since falling in love with each other and becoming the Twin Flame Matchmakers, we've dreampt of co-creating a soulful experience that would quickly transform the lives of our growing global tribe of Twin Flame seekers and lovers: Divine Feminine leaders, love-based entrepreneurs, smart spitual singles, and High-Healed Priestesses who wish to call in a Sacred Union to support their soul purpose...And bliss!

At Twin Flames Live, Jack and I will be gathering up our tribe together as a Twin Flame Soul Family! We are a highly curated group of powerful priestesses and new thought leaders who are READY to fully awaken their Divine Feminine energy and get the support they need to call in their divine life partner, with no online dating required!  

Jack will be helping align the Divine Masculine pieces, while I will be focusing more on getting our Divine Feminine energy and Pussy Power aligned and juicy! It'll be a blast... 


Connect in person + learn from your favorite Twin Flame YouTube celebs by the beach, in the sunny Vortex of Encinitas, California!


Twin Flame Matchmaker, Founder of Aphrodite University, & Co-Founder at Twin Flames International, LLC |


Twin Flame Matchmaker, Intimacy Coach, & Co-Founder at Twin Flames International, LLC 

If it's TIME to Claim your Twin Flame, join us at Twin Flames Live!


Twin Flames Live will be an intensive, intensively pleasurable, and invaluable experience that takes place over 3 magical action-filled days, in sunny North County San Diego, California.

Friday evening we'll be having a godess dance party to celebrate all the love...wear a ball gown or silly PJs, or sexy lingerie!

Here’s a sampling of what you’ll be receiving during the retreat...

~ You’ll discover how to turn ON, amplify, and magnify your Pussy Power for a JUCIER Sacred Union, soul purpose, and bli$$ness that truly aligns with your magnificence!

~ You’ll learn how to tap into the magic of "Manifesting With ORGASM" a practice that expedites Twin Flame attraction, and brings pleasure into every aspect of your life.

~ You’ll learn how to claim and embody your Divine Feminine Essence to quickly call in your beloved in EASE and flow...

~ You’ll learn advanced methods to tap into your Higher Self, so you can follow your own inner guidance in every situation.

~ You'll discover the "22 Twin Flame Love Blocks” and how to use them to understand your core relationship patterns, why you're calling in certain types of lovers, and to call in the type you want to attract. 

~ You’ll have a BLAST, laugh, cry, and enjoy a sisterhood of other passionate, wise + wild woo-woo women in a retreat-like setting!

DAY 1:

9am-10:0am: Registration + Warm Ups

10am-6pm: Twin Flame Workshops and General Session

7:30pm-9pm: Twin Flame Ball: Rose Honey Moon Dance Party!

DAY 2:

DAY 3:

10am-6pm: Twin Flame Workshops and General Session

7:30pm-9:30pm Receive high-value Twin Flame Love Seat Coaching from Jack + Amanda!

8am: Optional meditation/awakening

10am-4:00pm Twin Flame Workshops and General Session

4-5:00pm Integration, Twin Flame Closing Ceremony 

**Hours are subject to change. Please check back for updates.



Within 45 minutes from San Diego International Airport

The will be held at the hub of the Vortex, where speakers and New Earth revolutionaries such as Experience Tribe and JP Sears spread their magic among loving conscious community vibes.

More about the venue

The best airport to fly into is San Diego International Airport. Or you could fly into Los Angeles Airport (LAX) and take the train to Encinitas Station, which is near the venue.  


Stage 1: Pussy Power and Pleasure, Divine Feminine Confidence

Because spirituality, sensual power, and confidence start within, day 1 you will learn how to:

~ Fall deeply in love with yourself, turn on your Pussy Power, and awaken your Sacred Sex Magic 

~ Understand the "22 Twin Flame Love Blocks" and how they apply to your life

~ Let go of ancestral false and negative beliefs which have held you back long enough from shining as bright as possible

~ Learn the Art of becoming "The Twin Flame Bride" so you can be seen by your lover as a Divine match and leave him speechless and in amazement...

~ Learn to have irresistible feminine presence so that s/he feels drawn to you thoughout your Sacred Union

Stage 2: Soul Purpose Discovery, Twin Flame Attraction Training

On this day, you will learn the best ways to create your Twin Flame Queendom...

~ Understand the most powerful Twin Flame Manifestation tool that actually works

~ Learn our Twin Flame Attraction Formula and how to implement each step of it successfully

~ Discover your unique soul vibration and how to use it to your advantage 

~ Design your Twin Flame Soul Purpose that naturally calls in your Twin Flame

~ Activate the 11 Levels of your very own Twin Flame Chakra System

~ Learn how to identify the right clues and signs that successfully lead you to your beloved. No more guess work! 

Stage 3: Self-Care and Integration, Putting it all Together

~ The #1 way to integrate your body/mind/spirit so that you're vibrating at your core feminine essence on all levels 

~ Which Twin Flame desires are truly in alignment for you.

~ My Twin Flame Elixir Recipes and exactly how to use them for maximum benefit.

~ Group Twin Flame Intuitive Readings and coaching that will blow your mind and have you understand your true nature on a deeper level than ever before. 

~ Twin Flame Heart Chakra Sound Journey with 432 Hz activation.

~ And much more...


Register for the Early Bird Special this week, and get the following bonuses for FREE!

Identify and Bust Your Twin Flame Love Blocks Home Learning Program

We have created this 6-week intensive training course to help you quickly identify your Twin Flame Love Blocks, so that you can bust them and call in your Twin Flame. The course will be hosted in a private membership area that you can access 24-7 with access to our closed private Facebook group for sister support. 

Module 1: 0-1st Chakras - Foundational Chakra Grounding 

  •  Learn 5 key principles of the Twin Flame Theory so you can avoid kissing frogs - those Karmic Soulmates and Twin Flame Counterfeits.
  •  Discover what’s truly stopping your Twin Flame attraction using our 11 Twin Flame Chakra Clearing System. 
  • Identify your Foundational Chakra Blocks that stop you from (a) feeling safe and (b) from fully monetizing your soul purpose.

Module 2: 2nd Chakra – Emotional Baggage Drop-Off

  •  Identify your core emotional patterns that call in the wrong emotionally unavailable men, unconscious partners, and runners.
  • Scan your wombspace - the 2nd chakra - for the 3 most common sexual shame blocks. 
  • Participate in a Divine Mother Wombspace Clearing to heal your mother wounds. 
  • Get the #1 secret to awakening your radiant goddess sacred sexuality!
  • Learn our Orgasmic Manifestation Technique (OMT) to call in exactly what or who you desire.

Module 3: 3rd Chakra – Skyrocket Your Self-Esteem

  • Learn the top 3 causes of low self-esteem that infect 96% of women, and what you can do to resolve them.
  •  Uncover where your self-worth blocks are sabotaging your Twin Flame attraction process, and what you can do to skyrocket your self-esteem
  •  Learn to identify the Father Wounds holding you back from feeling worthy of Twin Flame Love. 
  • Get this instant confidence-boosting secret to help receive your deepest desires and get men to worship you like a goddess!

Module 4: 4th Chakra – From Heartbreak To Heartbreakthroughs

  • Identify the 4 most common invisible heart chakra blocks that attract Twin Flame Counterfeits.
  • Phantom Marriage - Learn how to tell if you have an ex partnership that's holding you back from calling in your one true Twin Flame, and what to do to clear the karma.
  • Discover this hot tip to go from having a broken heart to an attractive heart-broken-OPEN!

Module 5: 5-6th Chakras – Unleash Your Magnetic Goddess

  •  See where your throat chakra is blocked--where you aren't calling in everything you deserve with confidence and pleasure. 
  • Grab our killer tip that instantly clears doubt and negative self-talk. 
  • Get the #1 secret to conscious flirting that truly works!
  • Using the Rejeculation Scale, determine if you're being too picky, or if you're actually settling for less in the Love Department. 

Module 6: 7-11th Chakras – Clear The Way For Twin Flame Matchmaking! 

  • Know your Twin Flame Big Why: discover what motivates your Twin Flame relationships so you have the inspiration it takes to continue busting through your blocks (TFLBS).
  •  Start clearing your 3 love blocks from the 22 most common Twin Flame Love Blocks.
  •  Learn a foolproof technique to tell if someone is your true Twin Flame vs. just a Karmic Soulmate or Twin Flame Counterfeit.
  • Participate in a healing meditation to awaken the Transpersonal chakras: Soul Star Chakra, God Chakra, and Stellar Chakra that must be cleared before your Twin Flame Reunion.
  • Learn to manifest your Twin Flame at a specific meeting location and time for your first Reunion.

In all, you’re getting more than 8 hours of empowering, confidence building instruction that will change your vibration and clarity and maximize your ability to bring in your Twin Flame! Each module is 60-90 minutes long, so you can easily fit the incredible information into your week!

Bonus #2: “Twin Flame Elixirs” 

Want to learn how to brew up spells that spell LOVE, and that really work to excite your Twin Flame energy and his? 

In this course, you’ll learn elixir basics--concoct natural plant and gemstone-based recipes that heal: teas, tisanes, gemstone infusions, and aphrodisiacs, as well as goddess green juices and smoothies. 

Learn how to create therapeutic beverages that promote healing, love, magic, abundance, beauty, and radiant health. You don’t have to be a holistic nutrition practitioner or expert to integrate these formulas into your business. Learn how to intuitively prepare and adapt our delicious healing recipes. Watch how your powerful natural elixirs to help you get your healing results faster and swiftly call him in! Widen your skills while also enjoying these delicious life-giving recipes yourself for years to come!

One Complimentary Ticket for a Friend To Twin Flames Live

Register for the Early Bird Special Before March 29 and get the following bonuses for FREE!


The Alchemists said that we are a microcosm of the macrocosm, and that in order to magnetize what we want, we must become creators within our own universe. We are delighted to help you claim your Twin Flame by stoking your inner flame, identifying the mystery blocks that are stopping you, and knowing how to cut through them to quickly call in your ultimate beloved! 

The time is now to turn on your Twin Flame... What are you waiting for, Beloved!? 

Are you ready to experience the sexy Twin Flame Love results?

One of my clients moved to Sweden to start her life with her beloved...

She's now happily married and gave birth to a baby boy!

I am not telling you this to brag about my matchmaking skills, but for 2 super important reasons to help you!

One, I wanted to inspire you by what is possible. And two, I wanted you to suspend your disbelief!

You may be asking, "Can a Twin Flame Matchmaker Activation help me call in my Beloved?”

Can you really experience true love and bring in your Twin Flame JUST by changing the way you relate to yourself, and by participating in energy activations?

You may be feeling skeptical, and I imagine you might even be feeling scared about how to do this. I know how insanely daunting it can feel before you've actually called in your ultimate soulmate.. . 

Let me tell you something funny (and a little pathetic).... 

Many years ago, when I first became committed to working on myself and calling in my beloved, I didn't believe I needed much help. In fact, I thought I was in a relationship with my eternal Twin Flame! But one day, during my darkest hour, I found myself in a hospital bed where I got hit with a cold dose of reality... The man I believed would be my life partner totally abandoned me, leaving me to deal with situation all alone. He then quickly moved onto another woman, and I was devastated. Then it hit me!

There was a huge disconnect between my perception of my relationship (my “Twin Flame dream”), and what the relationship truly was... AND WHO I TRULY WAS! 

It wasn’t until I learned how to love myself through my deepest depths, to strengthen my Pussy Power, and to bridge that gap and align my “Twin Flame dream” with 3D reality, that everything turned around for me. 

I now I spend my life working on my soul purpose, and traveling the world with my Twin Flame, Jack, who became my business partner too! 

I am so glad I decided to make the investment in myself and in aligning my Twin Flame energy. And you will be too!

As you can see, attracting your “Twin Flame Beloved” into reality very fast is possible - and it's simpler and easier than you imagine...



Twin Flame Client Nikki

“OMG, remember when you had me do that coaching exercise, making a list of what I wanted in a Divine partner? Well, he’s all that! I was single for 14 years before this, I really can’t believe it. I am enjoying myself in a totally different way. It’s amazing, you read my past lives in Egypt so clearly. Well, James calls me his Egyptian Goddess Queen! I swear he even looks like a pharaoh—nose shape, and head—it trips me out sometimes! I have to show you that list I wrote with you, he’s everything I asked for. We went to Carmel for the weekend, Friday was his birthday. It was amazing! I have never laughed so much and made someone else laugh in return; and our conversations are so in depth. Lots of love and gratitude for your unbelievable coaching!” — Nikki, Wine Sales Executive, Oakland, California

“I feel like I am in living in a fairytale. Amanda brought me so much closer to the spiritual world after being discouraged and disbelieving in finding true love. She suggested that I ask my angels to help find my Twin Flame. And so I did, and they did…! I met my Prince Charming at a party soon after—I never expected it! I just followed the angels’ guidance. The most unbelievable thing is that he is exactly what I had asked for. He is my Twin Flame and he’s just perfect for me. Amanda told me that I have created this magic, but I am sure her encouragement and prayers for my love helped speed things up. Thank you Amanda, I’ve been with my Twin Flame for over a year now, and every day with him feels like a miracle!” 

—Denise K., Former Olympic Athlete and Wellness Coach, Zurich, Switzerland

"I had been single for quite some time. After our initial session and commitment to work together, I met my new husband! Amanda coached, supported, and cleared the space for me to step into this new Twin Flame connection without resistance or distraction. My relationship is based powerfully in both of us being present, connected, and committed to creating an amazing future together. We have created a passionate and playful partnership. It has been a real pleasure to step fully into my own feminine power and play. Amanda is a great coach for powerful women who are ready to step fully into themselves and be fully seen. Whether you work with her energetically, creating vision, or manifesting your Twin Flame, she will not let you down.”

—Tina, Corporate Trainer, Oakland, CA

Okay, Amanda… I’m Ready for Twin Flames Live. I Just Need to Know the Investment

That's a fair question. I’ll be up front with you, since I want you to make wise investments only.

The total investment of the program and every single one of the exclusive bonuses I described above, is normally $6,666.

Now, I realize that’s quite a bit of money to many people, even though the transformative power of “Twin Flames Live” is worth much, much more! 

So here’s what I’ve done:

I’ve lowered the price to just $997 for a very limited time.

I love hearing the wildly positive stories of people who have changed their lives with our Twin Flame Attraction Formula, and I’m willing to temporarily reduce the price to give more women access to the training and bonuses!

You DO need to hurry up tho! 

The lower pricing and the payment plan are only good for this limited time.

So click the “Register Here” button and get your ticket + awesome bonuses today before it's too late!

Frequently Asked Questions

What if you're not lonely and in pain but you still want to find and attract your Divine life partner anyway? 

That's completely fine! We have many women sign up who aren't necessarily in pain, but still want to call him in fast. 

Is it really worth the time, energy and investment to come just for 3 days? I live overseas.

Only you can decide that, but given what I know and what past clients are saying, I can safely say that this will be a life-changing workshop so I HIGHLY recommend you do everything in your power to be there! I know you will feel terrible if you miss it and you see the other Twin Flame ladies rock it and soar and you are left behind. I've been in that position in the past, there is no fun in that!

Is the event going to be a pitch fest? 

Absolutely not. Amanda is the main speaker and she is committed to making it a transformative experience. Any next potential next step options will be offered in a sacred and gentle manner with no obligation whatsoever.

Will I have the chance to interact with Dr. Amanda Noelle? 

YES. Twin Flames Live is a highly interactive event combining in-depth trainings, hands-on experiences, laser coaching, group shares and networking. Amanda’s known for her ability to instantly cut through confusion to get to the heart and soul of your desire, and she’s committed to doing as much laser coaching as possible throughout the event. These days, it costs thousands of dollars a day to work with Amanda -- and you get to spend 3 days learning from her at a fraction of the cost. And she’s available during the evening events for a chat... and for hugs anytime you see her… so don’t be shy :)

What is included with my general admissions ticket? 

Access to all general sessions of the event and all course materials.

What is not included?

Travel, meals and lodging are NOT included. There will be convenient organic meal optons and disccounts available.

When is the retreat? 

The Twin Flames Live Retreat happens approx once or twice a year. You may choose the dates that work for you after registration.

Can I bring a friend? 

Yes--in fact, we highly recommend bringing a soul sister with whom you resonate. That’s why, if you sign up today we'll throw in a second complimentary ticket for her. 

What's the dress code? 

Comfortable. We also recommend bringing layers you can add or remove as the temperature in hotel rooms can fluctuate.

What is your refund policy? 

Courses and retreats at Twin Flames International may be refunded within the refund period of 7 days from the initial purchase date & time. After the refund period all purchases are non-refundable.

What happens if I have to cancel? 

If something comes up that makes it impossible for you to join us in person at Twin Flames Live, then you may transfer your registration to a future Twin Flames Live event or get a credit towards any future purchase with Twin Flames International. You can transfer your ticket to a friend or colleague and allow them to attend in your place.

It’s time to let unleash your Divine Feminine pleasure, and let your Twin Flame shine BRIGHT.

Join this powerful community of amazing women and get ready to boost your confidence, enlighten your spirit and ignite your radiance so you start to attract the magical Twin Flame partnership and life of your dreams. 

I look forward to sharing my best secrets with you during this transformational weekend!

Here’s to your radiance and “Twin Flame HONEYMOON” success!

It’s time to let unleash your Divine Feminine pleasure, and let your Twin Flame shine BRIGHT.

Join this powerful community of amazing women (and Jack, our Divine Masculine Flame Holder!), and get ready to boost your confidence, enlighten your spirit and ignite your radiance so you start to attract the magical Twin Flame partnership and life of your dreams...

We look forward to sharing our best secrets and miracle magic with you!

Here’s to your radiance and “Twin Flame” success!

Waves of Twin Flame Love, 

Dr. Amanda + Jack