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"From Heartbreak... 
Bust Your Heart Chakra Blocks
With Dr. Amanda Noelle 

Looking to finally attract a partner who truly supports and loves you on ALL levels? 

This extensive home learning program gives you the tools you need to align your heart chakra to magnetize your Twin Flame beloved! 

This exclusive program has been years in the making, and is available for you right now for only $33! 

Here's What You'll Get:

- The Heartbreak to Heart Breakthrough Training Course (MP3)

- The Heart Broken Open: A Mini Guided Meditation (MP3)

- The  22 Twin Flame Love Blocks Checklist + Exercise (PDF)

​​​​​​​- Plus a special offer to work with Dr. Amanda Noelle privately!

Heal Open your Heart Chakra

>> Through our Heart Breakthrough Training and a powerful heart-healing guided meditation, you'll clear out ancient wounds stuck in the heart chakra that block true lasting love.

Heart Harmony: Heal Your Sacred Wounds
>> Gain a deeper connection with the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine so you can heal abandonment issues and return to trust.

>> Release hidden intimacy fears and alchemically transform pain into pleasure
22 Twin Flame Love Blocks

>> Get Dr. Amanda's comprehensive list of the most common Twin Flame Love Blocks (TFLBs) she's witnessed in thousands of single women.
​​​​​​​>> Complete a powerful love-blocks awareness exercise to manifest love with safety and ease!

Identify Hidden Heart Chakra Blocks
>> Uncover the 4 most common invisible heart chakra blocks that attract Twin Flame Counterfeits. 

>> Learn how to tell if you have an ex partnership that's holding you back from calling in your one true Twin Flame, and what to do to clear the karma.

What Women Are Saying...
"Since my separation and divorce with my ex husband, he’s never really fully looked at me or made eye contact with me even when I drop off the kids...But about a week after purchased the program and listened to the meditation, when I dropped my kids off, he actually looked at me in my eyes and had a look that I haven’t seen in many many years. Thank you so very much for the program!"
Candy C.
"If you want to rediscover your inner wild woman and reconnect with your authentic self, your source of aliveness, join Amanda for an incredible journey. Give yourself the gift!”
Ariana N.
Don't put off your dreams of manifesting your man. You can save today and get access to these two full MP3s--an audio masterclass plus meditation that gives you the tools you need to attract your one true Twin Flame. Plus you'll get our PDF cheatsheet to help you slay the most common love blocks!
Only $33
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